NOT A Letter To My Younger Self

younger letter

I see so many posts these days entitled, “A Letter To My Younger Self”. There’s nothing wrong with that of course. Everyone, especially as we get older, thinks about how life would have been different. Sprinkle in a little “if I had” or “if I hadn’t” and you got yourself a great post! I know. I wrote one. Then I …

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Do You Have Any Idea Where God Is?

Peace of God

I was coming down the road today and saw a church sign that read “God is at the end of your rope”. It reminded me of a couple other sayings that are largely similar like, “God is my co-pilot” and “All we can do now is pray”. It sounds great in theory, doesn’t it? For God to be there waiting, …

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You Won’t Believe What My Daddy Told Me About The 4th of July!

I’m not a huge “celebrator” of holidays. Let me just preface this by saying that. Daddy wasn’t either, really. Thanksgiving and Christmas get a little more of my time. But that is primarily because of the of the commercialization that is forefront with them, in particular. Otherwise, I don’t think I’d be very inclined to make a big deal of them either. …

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What Exactly Is An “Old Soul” Anyway?


What Is An “Old Soul”? I have always felt “different”. It’s something I never could quite put my finger on it. I remember thinking I was old long before I ever started school. No, I know that doesn’t make any sense. But that’s okay! It never made any sense to me either! But it’s still funny because when my son …

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