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animal adoption

The kids and I spent some time today at the Hardin County Animal Shelter here in Elizabethtown, Kentucky. We knew we were going to wind up wanting to bring every single cat and dog home, but we went anyway! Sometimes it just does your heart good to spend some time in there.

Sure enough, after getting loved on by cats, kittens, dogs and puppies, we could easily have taken them all home with us! They’re such babies and they are ready to give some lucky person all the love they have in their furry little hearts!

An awesome volunteer by the name of Daniel showed us around, introduced us to the cats and dogs and made the visit an absolute pleasure. Getting the history and some information about the pet’s demeanor was a great help in our getting to know these animals.

There’s even a special going on right now that allows you to adopt a Pit-Mix for only $25! This won’t last forever, so if that sounds good to you, click the link above and give them a call. I met most all of the adoptees today, and they are such sweethearts!

(If you are one who thinks Pits are a viscous breed and make great fighting or guard dogs, this definitely isn’t for you!)

Finding The Shelter

There are several ways you can find the shelter and visit the adorable pets there. First of all, you could stop in for a visit! They are located at 220 Peterson Drive in Elizabethtown, Kentucky and their phone number is (270) 769-3428. They are open from 9 am until 4 pm EST Monday through Friday, and noon until 4 on Saturdays.

There’s a sign-in sheet you will need to sign upon entering and there are volunteers that will show you around. Odds are you just might fall in love with one of these dogs during a visit. Which is great! They even provide a room, complete with a chest of toys, where you can spend some one on one time with the dogs.

You can also find them on Facebookanimal shelter




There, you will find pictures of the dogs and cats, videos, reviews from people who have adopted and so much more. Like their page, even if you haven’t yet committed to adopting. These guys are just too adorable to miss!

Friends of Hardin County Animal Shelter

animal shelter

Friends of Hardin County Animal Shelter: Screenshot

FOHCAS a 501c3 charity organization that is dedicated to helping support the shelter if expenses rise beyond their regular operating budget. Some of the things they assist with include

  • Vaccinations
  • Veterinary care
  • Veterinary equipment
  • Educational Programs
  • Spay/Neuter Programs
  • And more!

One of my favorite things about this organization is that they are committed to helping reduce the euthanasia rate (shelter kills) in Hardin county. They do this by not only helping to increase permanent adoptions, but also by helping to lower the number of pets that are given up to the Hardin County Animal Shelter in the first place.

FOHCAS and the shelter are also looking for good foster homes for some of these pets. You can get all the information about that program here. This link even includes an application, if you’d like to become a foster family for a needy pet.

Take a look at some of their success stories!

If you would like to help the FOHCAS organization, you can do so by volunteering at one of their events, holding an event to benefit shelter pets or donate to them. Donations are even tax-deductible!

If You’re Looking For a Pet…

Before you decide to go and buy a dog from a breeder, consider adoption! Did you know that more than 300,000 pets wind up in animal shelters each year? About 5,000 of those are processed through Hardin County Animal Shelter alone.

Yes, many of these dogs are already grown, and lack that “fresh puppy smell”, but they have just as much love to give. Maybe even more! Some of the dogs we saw during our visit today were obviously just wishing we would choose them to take home. They barked and jumped, with tails wagging, pawing at their doors.

Did I mention I’d bring them ALL home if I could??

Seriously though. There are so many pets out there in need of a good home, it’s at least worth checking into before you decide to go elsewhere.

Until there are none…rescue one.

animal adoption


I was not paid or compensated in any way, by any entity mentioned, for writing this post today. Our visit to the shelter made so much of an impact on us that I simply wanted to use my platform to boost awareness. I love animals, and to see so many without a loving home just hurts my heart!

I encourage you, if you are considering a new pet and live in the area, visit Hardin County Animal Shelter!

If you live in another area, here are some sites that will help you find your nearest shelter:

Chime In!

Have you already adopted a pet from a shelter? If so, please feel free to leave a comment. You never know, your success story just might convince someone who’s thinking of adoption to go ahead and go for it!

If you’re considering adopting a pet, but haven’t yet done so, leave a comment telling us what’s holding up back.

And remember: SHARING IS CARING!


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