Identity Crisis Needn’t Be an Issue


I am honored to reblog this writing about identity by a blogger I’ve followed for some time. It isn’t often that I’m able to take the time to set aside for casual reading, but the Holy Spirit prompted me that THIS needs be published far and wide.

THIS is crucial information, especially for those struggling to figure out who they are.

THIS is a Truth that deserves more and more recognition.

The world wants us to believe that, as women, we can “be” men, or as men, we can “be” women. The atrocities continue to rise as more and more people continue to FORGET who they are created to be.

If you are a follower of Jesus Christ, ingrain these words somewhere, or even print them off so that you can read them again and again.

If you are NOT a follower of Jesus, please do pray and consider whether you want to remain part of a lost and dying world. You don’t have to go on not realizing who you really are…Jesus has already made a way for you to live out your destiny to the fullest!

Please view the entirety of the message listed below. It’s absolutely stunning.

via From Whence Comes My Identity?


  1. g.w

    Thank you so much, Stacey. I feel so honored and deeply humbled by your kind words and re-blog! Many, many warm blessings to you!

    1. Stacey Lynn (Post author)

      You’re very welcome my friend! I know that it will be a blessing to someone, or many someones 🙂 and simply had to do my part in sharing. God bless you abundantly!


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