Secret of Success?

Another Writing Prompt

Today’s writing prompt is another that I wouldn’t normally “choose” to write about: the secret to successful blogging.

First of all, I don’t often write about how I feel about myself and the job I’ve done. It feels somewhat akin to bragging and I don’t like to do that unless it’s secretly, to my husband or kids 🙂  I can take it if they tell me I’m over the top!

So, today’s topic is:

What would it take for you to consider yourself a “successful blogger”? Is that something you strive for?

I actually laughed out loud when I read it 🙂  I’ve never even taken the time to stop and contemplate what successful blogging would mean to me, let alone how I might go about attaining it. “Success” in blogging wasn’t even a thought in my mind when All Out War came into existence. It was actually kind of selfish, if I’m just going to be honest. At the time, I only wanted to vent, but so much has changed since then!

What Would It Take?

What WOULD it take, I wonder, for my blog to be what people consider successful? Well, I’m not exactly sure. I’ve heard tons and TONS about adding advertising and using that as a way to make money. But I just can’t bring myself to do that. I’ve been on blogs where you can’t even maneuver around for all the advertisements slammed in your face, and I just don’t want to be that way. If that’s what it takes, I’ll never be successful, because I know when I’m on those blogs, I simply leave. I don’t like it, it’s intrusive and if I don’t like it, I’m certainly not going to turn mine into something like that. Even in my freelance writing, I won’t even use a blog like that as a hyperlink, because I won’t send anyone else to it either.


Then I’ve heard things, as well, about giving away something free. Usually an eBook, or setting up some kind of class or something like that. But I don’t have anything to offer that anyone would want at this point. There ARE some eBooks I’m looking to publish at some point, I just don’t have that kind of time right now.

And no, I don’t suppose at this point it’s something I particularly strive for – this successful blog. Which is probably the answer to the first part. I guess if I really wanted to take it to another level, I could. But in my life at this particular time, it’s just not the most important thing. I have my family, I’m homeschooling one in high school, I have a disabled son, I’m a freelance writer by trade and I’m in a band. So for however much I’d like to make the blog more of a priority right now, it’s just not feasible.

Maybe someday…

For The Love of Blogging…

I DO love the blogging life though! It’s become so much more than what I thought it would be when I started. I had this idea in my head of an online type of journal that I’d never lose and that I could come to and bear my heart and soul and throw everything I had at it. Having never been a blogger before, I soon began to realize, there’s waaaaaaaay more to it than that!

I never expected to meet so many amazing people! And to share in their journey, from half a world away, or more, is absolutely thrilling! I find myself checking my email first thing in the morning, not just for all my account info and business emails, but for new posts from so many of you! There are homeschoolers that I watch, and I get to see some of the best recipes I’ve ever seen. Which is really saying a lot, since I’m a collector and I’ve looked! 🙂  There are stories from countries I’d love to visit, but that I still get to see through pictures posted and stories told. And there are days when my faith is so weak, but then some of you post that one thing I needed to hear so much, that it makes my whole day.

So I suppose my blogging life is indeed a successful one, not just in my own writing, but in my reading as well. So thanks to every one of you that stops by to read, comment, like or share. You all mean the world to me and I’m glad our paths have crossed. You’ve not only transformed my blogging you have become something I look forward to.

Have a blessed day!


  1. secondtymblogger

    You are one of the amazing people that I got to meet thanks to blogging. I always find your posts interesting. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to more of your posts. 😃

    1. Stacey Lynn

      Aww, thank you SO much! I feel the same, and catch every one of your posts as well 🙂 Isn’t blogging amazing?

      1. secondtymblogger

        Yes it is. It wonderful to be able to write. It clears my mind. Like you said, reading what other people write helps a lot too, especially when I’m feeling down.

        1. Stacey Lynn

          I use to not share ANYTHING with ANYONE, but the more I write, the more I’m convinced that sometimes, even in the midst of going through our own strife, what we share might help someone else 🙂

          1. secondtymblogger

            I am not much of sharer myself . I am still on the learning curve when it comes to sharing personal stuff on my blog. I still find myself unsure at times when I write things that are personal but everyday I write I find it easier to share than keep things bottled up. I had kept so many things to myself growing up. The person I finally opened up to is my husband. That when I realized that talking about things lightens the mind. Now I intend to use my blog as well to clear my head of all that load.

          2. Stacey Lynn

            Oh my gosh, that’s my story too – my husband was the first one I ever opened up to 🙂 What a small world.

          3. secondtymblogger

            Wow! That’s wonderful. 🙂

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