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Freelance Stacey Wells

Always A Writer

I have always had a love for writing that seemed to defy everything else around me, especially hobbies. Being a writer was my hobby, and even in grade school, I would rush home to immediately tackle my homework so that I could move on to writing.

I won my first writing contest in the 8th grade and that only added fuel to the fire. It was a story I wrote about my brother’s death, or rather, the events leading up to it. It was a hard thing to write, but at fifteen years old, I managed to pen it out.

Over the course of my school years, I was featured in a handful of published pieces, usually poetry though I don’t write much of that these days. It was easy to write in those days, as I excelled in English and writing classes and my teachers often pushed me past what I thought my limits were. Thank goodness for that!

Finding My Way As A Writer

Later, after school, I found less and less time to write, but the fire for writing never went out. Slowly, I found my way back and have spent the past few years writing for a living, something I had dreamed about all those years ago.

It’s been a blessing and has made me incredibly happy, but it’s also been a great deal of work. I have a tight schedule to keep as I am also a wife, mother and homeschooler, so it is a juggling act, to say the least.

If you are here and find yourself in need of a writer, please feel free to contact me  using the “How To Get In Touch With Me” link in yellow in the upper right corner of my home screen. I return mail very quickly, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Outside of Writing

Outside of the writing world, I am married with three children. The oldest two of those children have high functioning autism, so I am also incredibly well versed in the world of special needs children and every aspect that affects their lives. I founded and ran a support group for families of special needs children, successfully writing grant proposals for that group for its entirety. I was Director of Operations for the group as well as an ongoing Parent Advocate.

In my free time I enjoy cooking and baking, photography, playing music, singing and the great outdoors.

For those coming over from All Out War!

I really appreciate your taking the time to check out my all new blog, hosted by the awesome folks at TMD. They are an amazing group of people who are VERY quick to help if you need it, which made setting up this page so much easier than it would have been without them!

A Writer’s Categories

You might notice a few differences here, all good I hope! If anything looks off, please bear with me as I still need to change some things over. It may take a few days, especially with homeschooling and writing all stuck in between 🙂

One of the biggest changes I have made is that all my “categories” have changed. I’m trying to streamline everything so that you will be able to find it with ease. Here’s a breakdown of what the categories mean, and what they consist of:

Weekday Categories:

  • Manic Monday: Monday is always rough, whether in actuality or just in the mind. This day, and category, is dedicated to encouragement, tips and tricks that might make life a littler easier for you and funny stuff to brighten your day! 🙂
  • Tasty Tuesday: As the name implies, Tuesday is for tasty treasures, recipes, food blogs and anything else related to food in general.
  • Wonderful Homeschool Wednesday: We will see posts on Wednesdays about homeschool and the many things that can relate to it, including field trips, book lists, homework helps and much more.
  • Throwback Thursday: The term has been thrown around a lot on social media, accompanied by pictures from people in their earlier years of life. Here on Scribbles & Sustenance, this day will be dedicated to posts relating to “old timey” ways and all things vintage. I am a huge fan of such things, so you can look for this category to grow.
  • Free-for-All Friday: Friday posts could be about anything! Maybe I will relate them to music or perhaps the latest camping adventure site we have tried out. Either way, I think you will enjoy these posts.
  • Saturday Scribble: Saturday’s posts will all be related, in one way or another, to the art of writing.
  • Solemn Sunday: Sunday is the day for any pointedly faith-rooted blog posts. While my devotion to God is sometimes seen in many of my other posts as well, I will place my faith based posts here.

I also have a category for personal posts and this is just for my own personal plight through certain things. I don’t always share personal things, but when I do, that is where they will go.

No Strict Schedule

Having these days laid out as such doesn’t necessarily mean that I will post something every single day. It does, however, lay some groundwork for what you can look forward to seeing on any given day.

Also, I find that more and more, all of my writings find a common thread in Jesus. There isn’t a facet of my life that Jesus does not play the highest role in. Whether it be me as a mother, wife, teacher, writer or whatever… Jesus is my all in all, my constant hope, the lifter of my head and so much more! So, from about mid-2017, you will probably see the shift in my writing.

Thank you again for stopping by. Please feel free to stop and leave comments, or use the link below to drop me a line privately.

All correspondence is welcome.

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