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  1. “And when she had thus said, she turned herself back, and saw Jesus standing, and knew not that it was Jesus. ”

    Women are keen observers. My daughter would emerge from business conferences, seminars and IBM training events, describing the watches people wore, their jewellery, shoes, purses, ties, etc., and STILL could discuss the conversation or study material. Nothing escaped her keen eyes.

    Women are the keenest observers.

    So, why did this one here not recognise Jesus? Just the previous day, He was tortured unrecognisable, His facial features distorted, His flesh ripped out in chunks.

    Now mistaken for a gardener, not like an assault victim. Something had happened and His most intimate soul mate didn’t recognize Him.

    It was because He was healed completely, into a sanctified body. And that is how we will become, without fibrillating hearts, no more diabetes, or dementia, AIDS, stroke damage, not even coronavirus. As, like Jesus, we’ll be blessedbeyondrecognition.

    1. Author

      I’ve often thought about that… about how our bodies will be changed, Pete. It’s a wondrous thing, really. I remember speaking with someone not long after my nephew passed, and I made the comment that “God didn’t heal him” and my friend promptly grabbed me by the shoulders, shook me a bit, and I asked if I thought Shane was in Heaven in a wheelchair, without his hearing, without his sight… I had to admit that I did not think that to be true. Something happens… in the twinkling of an eye. And we are changed into a body like unto his resurrection body. Glory to God!!

      As to the “woman’s keen eye”… I think that one passed me over HAHA!

      1. Yes, no wheelchair ramps in heaven! Or white walking sticks, no ear implants. And I suppose no silicon boobies, or those weird unkissable Botox lips.

  2. Thank you, Stacey for being kind enough to reblog my post! That subject was so heavy on my heart that day! When the doors were shut…

    1. Author

      Oh my goodness, Sis, it was, and IS, my pleasure! That teaching was so amazing the whole world needs to hear it! 🙂 I had never even thought about that before so learning this from your writing was like a nugget of pure gold! Thank you!

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