Hello, and welcome to Words From the Wheel!

My name is Stacey and I’m so very pleased you’ve decided to visit. Please allow me to introduce myself.

I wear a lot of hats and titles: wife, mother, daughter, professional writer, blogger, YouTube creator, friend, and fan. However, my greatest title, and one that I wear most visibly because it affects every other title mentioned, is “child of God.”

Only in my later years did I come to finally FULLY commit myself to God. My regret at having lost all those early years really took a toll on me, but I had to get over that so that I could move on. However, those early years were not totally lost, praise God.

In all the flip-flopping, church-hopping, and going back and forth between God and the world, I learned a lot of valuable lessons about what NOT to do. I learned that you cannot live with one foot in hell and one foot on a banana peel and expect to be able to stand on the promises of God.

There are specific keys within the Word – those precious promises! However, there are also stipulations on our use of those keys and until I made a conscious decision to cast aside every weight that had me tied down, I could not use them. While there is a certain path EACH of us has to walk on our own, there are also foundational Truths we simply cannot live without. And I have decided to choose that better way!

First Blog… and the Second blog…

In the latter part of 2014, I experienced the greatest trauma of my life. My entire world fell apart and I was left reeling, understanding that some major changes had to be made.

It was only a few months later that I heard about blogging as a form of therapy for trauma. And THAT is what prompted me to start my very first blog, All Out War. I chose the name because, at the time, that’s all life was to me. A war. And one that I was quickly losing.

However, time passed. It was during this most crucial time that God reached down and dragged me out of the mud and the quicksand. He told me that He still loved me and that nothing I had done had placed me outside of that love. He dusted me off and sat me on the right path. The REAL right path.

The trouble wasn’t over. I still had to face the catastrophe I had brought upon myself, as well as the fallout in the lives around me. With God’s help, though, I was learning it was doable.

The second blog, Scribbles & Sustenance, was my first dive into an actual hosted website. My primary reason for THAT blog was to have a base for my new up and coming freelance writing career. However, God had other plans.

What had once been my ideal for a place for my freelance writing clients and a hosted portfolio site turned into a faith-based blog. As I was learning what God had truly saved me from – and FOR – my focus began to shift further and further away from worldly things. Finally, I had to concede that my space on the web was actually HIS space.

As is my entire life!

Words From the Wheel Emerges

As I began to realize where God was wanting to take me, I began to consider what He wanted me to call the new ministry. The name change was tedious. I’ve never been good at naming things! So I began to scan the Scriptures and keep my eyes and ears open to anything the Holy Spirit might bring my way.

When He finally did… it was blatant!

I had shared with a very dear mentor, who also happens to be family, what I was doing and how hard it was. He shared with me the name that I now proudly call my own: Words From the Wheel.

As soon as I saw it and heard it, I immediately KNEW in my spirit it was the right one. And the rest, as they say, is history.

So here I am, doing what God has drawn me to. It’s been a great stretch, for a great many reasons. I never in my life considered myself one to be “out front” about things, even if I believed firmly in them. I never dreamed of YouTube or ministry, or speaking, or anything along these lines.


All I can do at this point is to follow where He leads me. And I’m glad you’re here for a bit of it.