Allow Me to Introduce Renae Forbes

I have a dear and precious friend who has been like a sister to me for many years. We met around 2002, found out we were both from the mountains of Eastern Kentucky, and a friendship began to grow right away. 

We had no idea then how close our bond would become, how many similar life experiences we had gone through, or how much we would come to be pillars for one another at just the perfect times. Day by day, the bond that God had ordained simply grew. Today, I am honored to call her one of my very closest friends!

I could talk at great length about her many talents and the many ways in which God has used her. Maybe someday I will do just that! 🙂 She writes, she is an anointed musician and singer, and she has a gift for encouraging that can hardly be summed up with words. And that’s just the beginning!

Feel free to check out her new blog, In Pursuit of God, and enjoy some of her writing for yourself! For the time being, I’m honored to include one of her pieces here on my own blog, knowing that the blessing will reach whomever it was meant for.

So without further ado, here is Renae’s piece entitled…

The Pursuit of God

There is a longing in each of us to know God. That longing may be hidden so deep that you don’t recognize it. Maybe you know something is missing but you don’t know exactly what it is.

Your spirit longs to connect with the Creator. You were designed to pursue God! Your longings are for Him.

Stop trying to fill your tank with that which can never satisfy. Stop looking to people to fill you up. Emotionally, mentally, spiritually… People – Things – cannot fill you up. God has designed that space in each of us to be only filled by Him.

Stop pursuing dead end roads – Pursue the Father and you will find value to your life. Pursue him ALL OUT. Not half way – not a little bit.

Give it all to Him – Pursue Him with EVERYTHING you have. And He will give you the desire of your heart.

Pursuit of God!

More by Renae…

Renae is also a talented graphic artist and photographer. In fact, she makes some amazing designs and quotations.

Renae Forbes Graphic

You can find her Facebook page here.

Follow her on Instagram as well!

Thank you for reading along, and I pray her writings were a blessing to you! I pray you will continue to be blessed in following my dear sister in Christ!

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