Yeah, I totally just hashtagged a headline. But it’s what I’ve been thinking about lately. I guess, in reality, a lot of people are! I’ll explain the hashtag in a bit…

Back in March, when all “this” got started, we heard a lot of people using the term “unprecedented,” and indeed, it did seem that way. I really can’t share all my thoughts that have transpired and grown and got twisted and changed and separated and… etcetera… since then…

But I can say that you don’t have to look around too far to see what the past several months has done to people.

Depression, anxiety, and suicidal tendencies have skyrocketed. Abuse has skyrocketed. Hate speech, threats, rage, and blind guiding has skyrocketed. The list goes on.

When you add in the other societal grievances and ridiculousness, it just compounds the situation.

THEN… when you add in the upcoming election, and the parade of madness that is surrounding it, I shudder to think what some people are going through.

The world is full of bitterness, wrath, spitefulness, hate, and literal hopelessness, just to name a few.

It’s scary, folks!

Back when I thought I could still make a difference on social media, I would often search for graphics to post. Just a little hope to float out on the sea of hopelessness, in hope against hope that someone might find something to grab hold of. I’ve about given up on that idea, and maybe these blogs are no better, but this is how I came to find out about the #AlwaysKeepFighting campaign.

Most of you faithful readers of mine (like, all three of you, LOL!) know that I am a suicide survivor. If you didn’t know that, here are some past blogs of mine that talk a little bit about it…

I don’t just have a heart for those who have considered or attempted suicide… I UNDERSTAND THEM! And it hurts me all the way to my bone marrow that people can get that far down.

But it happens.

Jared Padalecki, or “Sam Winchester” of Supernatural fame, started the #AlwaysKeepFighting campaign back in March of 2015. Oddly enough, this was RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE of my own traumatic life events, and probably the very month that I first attempted to take my life.

If you’d like to read a tiny snippet about it, you can find it here:

He talks a little bit about losing some friends to suicide, and how he’s had to reach out for help himself, on occasion.

The point is… I have to agree with what he says in so many interviews that were based around this campaign. He insists that there is ALWAYS a reason to keep fighting! It takes strength, and bravery, YES, but it can be done!

Whatever we are facing in this world, it really does no good to toss out slogans like, “We’re all in this together!” because when it really boils down to it, ARE WE?

The hatred I see on Facebook ALONE tells me otherwise.

If you are reading this and you are in the pits of despair, I IMPLORE YOU to #AlwaysKeepFighting!! It’s worth it!! From one who’s been there and KEPT FIGHTING, please know that it’s worth it!!

Since making that drastic 180-degree turn in my life, those who know me often hear me say “BUT GOD!” He made all the difference. One day, He kind of spoke into my spirit… “So, if you don’t want your life anymore, why not give it to me?” and I did, and the rest, as they say, is history.

And thank God for it.




  1. Sister Wells – never underestimate the power of personal deliverance, especially one such as yours. If only 1 person’s eternity is impacted because of your blog, it will be worth.

    You are not alone. I’ve pondered that ‘Delete Blog’ button more than a few times in the past year. The devil knows his time is very short. He is pulling out all his forces to attack God’s people. And might we add, he is equally frustrated that he is not making as much headway as he’d like. Why?

    Because he cannot fathom, nor will he ever understand one thing that continually defeats him. And what is that? It’s the love of God. As people of God we choose to fight for love and thus resist his repeated attacks. The devil is an angelic being. Angelic beings do not understand God’s love (I Pet1:12). We do. God is love (I Jhn 4:8, 16). We are created in the image of God and can know that aspect of His Being. The devil can’t and never will.

    I don’t even want to think I’m knowledgeable or well versed in Biblical studies or the deep things of the Spirit. But, I do know about a love that won’t let me go and a God who is an ever present help in the time of trouble.

    And now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three. But, the GREATEST of these is charity. I Cor 13:13

    Sorry about the wordiness. Blessings. Stay in the fight. Home is just around the corner. 🙂

    1. Author

      I cannot love this comment enough! Twice as long, I still would not consider it wordy 🙂 Wordiness, to me, is when much is spoken/written, but little conveyed. This is anything but. I did not realize that that’s what 1 Peter 1:12 meant, but I had to go back and Mark that with a note. It makes so much sense! Thank you for sharing that and for shedding light on these things. I am like you… I don’t claim that I know much, but that Love, I DO KNOW, hallelujah, and I’m glad to know others who know. It makes the fight so much easier. Thank you again, and by the way… I am SO glad that you never hit that delete button. I haven’t had much time, over the past several months, to respond much to blog posts I have read, but that’s one thing I am MAKING time for lately. And I look forward to reading more from you. Blessing to you!

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