Armor & Swords & Shields & Such


There’s so much I’d really like to say

Thoughts in my head that won’t go away

But they never make it up too close

To the edge of where my voice goes

They fly and flutter, fade away

They never really come to stay

Unless it’s just for me, alone

Times that turn this tongue to stone

Someday, perhaps, the wall will give

And all those words will get to live

But until then I’ll guard them all

Till with a shout, the flood walls fall

Now That THAT’S Out of the Way…

I think when there’s something I’d really LIKE to say, my mind goes first to poetry. Maybe it’s because I don’t really wanna SAY anything at all, but I do just want to feel like I’m saying “something”. And so I tend to shorten things, make them playful and fun and poetic and flowing. You know, all the artsy type stuff a writer tends to do anyway.

Any other way, it seems like, they just make me cry.

And that’s being too real.

At least for me, sometimes.

I know God’s got me though. I take great solace in that, in fact. Without Him, I don’t know where I’d be but I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t be sitting here comfortable, but wanting so desperately to make sense of things I just can’t make sense of in the flesh. 

Prayers await answers. Battles rage on. Shields up, swords drawn! my friend Rosie always says. And she’s so so right! 

We can’t give up. We can’t pretend that there isn’t a spiritual battle raging or that there isn’t an enemy of our souls just offering us reason after reason to give up the fight. No, sir! We can’t allow him to blind our minds any further. We wrestle NOT against flesh and blood!

If you could only see the spiritual forces at work around you…

Do you know who you’re fighting?

Armor up!


  1. Rita Kurian

    Blessed by this ! Yes, our swords raised..shields on..this reminds me of my friend..she has this slogan..and it is awesome..We should never forget..!

    1. Stacey Lynn (Post author)

      Thank you <3! Yes, it's a wonderful slogan that I use quite often now :-) I have made reminders to post all around my house. We serve an AWESOME God!


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