Being Real for the Ones Who Matter Most

One of my favorite personal quotes is: If you were to take off all your jewelry, strip off your bumper stickers, and shut down your Facebook page, would anyone know you’re a Christian?

It came to me some time ago that there are two major types of Christians. Because, put plain and simply, there are those that live it and those that don’t. In other words, ones you know are living for God beyond a shadow of a doubt and those you actually have to ask.

I want to be that kind of Christian that no one has to ask about. Not the kind to put my light under a bushel. I don’t want my salt to lose its savor. After all, I don’t want to be the one left on the outside, knocking, and crying “Lord, let me in!” only for Him to say, depart from me, I never knew you.

I want to live what I say I am. The love, the lifestyle, the knowing who I am first so that other people can know who I am too. I don’t want it to be in the fact that I wear skirts… that should be an oversight in my eyes. That’s just who I am on the inside oozing out to the outside. It’s not a statement. And it’s not meant to be demeaning. It’s not anything but me and God.

I think the REAL test of whether or not we’re really living the Christian life is what we do and who we are in front of our kids, our husbands, our families and friends. Do they see it?

For me, they sure didn’t use to! That favorite quote of mine up there, about jewelry and bumper stickers and Facebook? That’s my favorite quote because that use to be me! I tell myself that daily!

Hey, Stace… do people see Jesus in you, or just the facade?

Yeah, I had the bumper stickers, the bracelets and necklaces. I had a Facebook wall that just made it look like I loved Jesus with everything in me. Like I was close to my Jesus.

In reality, I was on slow boat to hell, both in the very marrow of my bones as well as in my life. I drank, I cursed, I hated people, I fought, and I set an awful example for my children. I cost them the peace they should have had during a crucial point in my life and if nothing else, the hardest part for me? Forgiving myself for that.

Thank God, I’m not that person anymore. I’ve gotten rid of the jewelry. I don’t have any bumper stickers. And while my Facebook wall still looks like that of an evangelist, it’s the same way I am in

In real life, so it’s no longer a show. I try to walk and talk it and I am most aware of the woman I am for my husband and children.

I am just trying to be real today, sharing some of my personal thoughts without the SEO rut we bloggers can sometimes fall into. It’s like I realized last night, I don’t want to have to follow a checklist to make sure I’m “marketing” my stuff right.

I realized last night, I just want to WRITE. I’ve loved it for so long, and God has given me the ability and the platform and the time. Why not?

Now let’s all go out there and shine the way that Jesus intended us to!


  1. Amen..I want people to see Jesus in me..not the facade, awesome write Stacey! We have to be real so so important..

    1. Author

      Amen, Rita, praise God <3 I loved a long time in the façade, and the scariest part was that I had made myself believe it too... then I couldn't understand why people didn't relate to me like I thought they should. It's such a slippery slope. Thank you for reading, dear sister!

      1. It convicted me too sis..I know there is a lot of time I need to spend, refreshing myself..and transforming…and I need that change..I feel weary because of our schedules..timings..but God is greater than that..I should never slip down the slippery slope, it will be scary..

        1. Author

          Oh, I know we all so often get weary! Life has a way of doing that and the enemy latches on to anything he can use against us. I was just reading today, where Paul was saying to put on the breastplate of righteousness… and then in another verse, he speaks about his righteousness not being his own, but through Jesus Christ <3 It reminded me that we are never protected in our strength and righteousness, but Jesus has provided everything we need, and I am SO thankful! Thankful for you as well! You're always in my prayers.

          1. weary as we are…the battle belongs to Him..thank God for prayer..and protection in Him..thankful for you always..also praying..always..God bless you this day..I will be leaving to church soon..see you later.

  2. I see more and more similarities with us all the time! I used to wear a cross necklace every day, but it was above a cold heart. When I went all in, I quit wearing it. Now, I just try to live it.

    1. Author

      Wow… I love that! Yes, and amen! If I’m not living it, a cold metal chain with a trinket attached certainly won’t make it any better! Yes, sis, I do see us as very similar 🙂 Praise God! Thank you for sharing that!

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