A Blog For WHAT? Do We Know?

So I’ve Been Thinking…

I’ve been looking back over my blog and the way it has changed over the past couple of years. When I started it, as I’ve told the story a couple of times, it was to be a release of sorts. A way to flesh out my frustration at things I was going through at the time. A way to use words to empty the trash heap of my mind from time to time.

Something that stands out, probably most of all, is that I am simply not “personable” in many of my blog posts anymore. I mean, yes, I still talk to you and it’s still me over here, from behind the laptop keyboard. But I just don’t put as much of myself into the writing as I use to.

And I would like to get back to that!

As a blogger, I wonder how many other bloggers find themselves in the same predicament? Once we really dive in, get hosting, add plugins and all the other wonders of blog ownership, how do we change?

I catch myself, after at least the past year, writing in a way that I know my SEO will give me a good thumbs up.

blog thumbs up

But why?

Was it for rankings? For page views? For what?

The simple fact is, I do not monetize. I know that I’m in a stark minority when it comes to bloggers, since I’m still paying for hosting and all the rest. But I can’t help it.

I didn’t START this blog for money. Well, I mean, it IS my little place on the web where I can send my freelance clients to view my writing style on certain things, look over my testimonials from past clients and decide whether or not I’m the right person for the job.

But aside from that, the blog itself, is something I feel called by God to do. I don’t write for ME…I write for HIM.


And THAT…is what I want to get back to. Because I can throw around all the best words in the world. I can go through all the SEO algorithms and make my settings “thus and so” and hope for the best.

Or – wonder of all wonders – I can do what He told me to do in the first place and write from the heart.

So this post that you’re reading today is just that. I’ve left off the headings. And I’ve let the SEO guide tell me I’m crazy and I shouldn’t post things like this. I’ve gone against the grain, because I just happen to BE a grain…a grain of SALT, that is.

The Bible tells us that salt that has lost its savor isn’t good for anything except being thrown out and trodden under foot. Who wants to be walked on? Not me!

So, today I make the bold statement that from henceforth, I will write as the Spirit leads. I will put little emphasis or worry about what the general consensus is. And I pray that God will make a way for my posts to make it in front of the eyes that need it the most.

I’ll still be posting an array of things, I just want more of “me” to show through in them.

That’s all.

How about you, fellow bloggers? Have you caught yourself moving in a direction you didn’t really mean to go at some point? If so, I’d love to hear from you and how you got back to what you wanted to do in the first place.


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