Blogging Through the Bible: 2 Samuel 12-13

We are now a good ways into the book of 2 Samuel. Even a best-selling fiction novel couldn’t be more exciting! Having gone through some pretty serious and heart-wrenching decisions, David is still dealing with the ramifications of his decisions, of late.

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2 Samuel Chapter 12

The deed has been done. After David finds out Bathsheba is pregnant with his child, he tried to connive his way into making it look like it was really her husband’s child. So, he has that husband killed in the heat of battle. It was made to look like an accident, so he was in the clear, for all intents and purposes.

But you know, God looks at the heart even while man looks at the outward appearance! And he sent Nathan to make that clear to David.

Nathan the Prophet Shows Up

The Lord sent Nathan to David with a little story. Be sure to read along in Chapter 12 of 2 Samuel for yourself. It’s truly heartbreaking.

The jist of the story is this:

There were two men, a rich man, and a poor man, living in the same city. The rich man, as you might expect, had everything he could possibly want, including many animals.

The poor man, on the other hand, had nothing at all except a little lamb that he had hand-raised and loved like one of his children.

When the rich man had a visitor to stop in, instead of killing one of his own animals to feed the man with, he took and killed that precious little lamb that belonged to the poor man.

When David heard this story, his anger raged! He wanted it known that whoever this rich man was would DIE for what he had done! How dare he, when he had all that he could possibly want or need, take that which belonged to someone who had nothing!

David even declared that he would demand that the poor man receive four lambs because the rich man had obviously had no pity.

And the Truth Comes Out

David’s world came crashing down in a moment, with the utterance of just four words from the prophet’s mouth:


The Lord prompted Nathan to remind David of all he’d been granted, and given. He was reminded of all that he had been given, Then, the Lord said, if that wouldn’t have been enough, he would have given him more!

Now, evil would rise up against him from his own house, the Lord said. Even though David had secretly used a war to murder Uriah, the Lord would allow the evil that was to befall David to happen in front of all of Israel.

The Child Dies

When the child that David and Bathsheba had become very sick, David prayed and fasted and lay on the ground all night long. Those that tried to comfort him did so in vain, as he refused to get up or to eat.

A week later, the baby died. All those who had been watching over him were scared to tell him for fear that his mood would become even worse. David saw their whispering and asked if the child had died. When they affirmed the fact, David got up, washed, changed clothes, and went into the house of God to worship the Lord. After that, he finally ate.

His servants were very concerned about this shift and questioned him about his behavior. They asked him, Why, while the child was sick, did you fast and cry, but then you rose and ate after the child died?

David’s answer, I believe, is just another glimpse into why God said that David was a man after His own heart:

(Vs. 22-23) And he said, While the child was yet alive, I fasted and wept: for I said, Who can tell whether GOD will be gracious to me, that the child may live? But now he is dead, wherefore should I fast? can I bring him back again? I shall go to him, but he shall not return to me.

The Birth of Solomon

Immediately following the death of this child, David comforted Bathsheba, which led to the birth of Solomon. Not long after that, he took the city of Rabbah and returned to Jerusalem.

2 Samuel Chapter 13

In chapter 13, it’s hard to find something of devotional worth. It is the story of how Amnon, one of David’s sons, fell in love with his sister, Tamar. He was so heartsick that his first cousin Jonadab, David’s nephew, helped him devise a plan.

The plan didn’t work out exactly as he had planned and the result was that he forced himself on her, shamed her, and then drove her out. After he’d done the thing, it says that he hated her even more than he had loved her.

Tamar fled to the care of her brother, Absalom, who hated Amnon for what he had done. He waited and plotted for two years when he finally murdered him it.

And so the prophecy of Nathan was beginning to come true in the evil that was coming to his own household from within.

blogging through the Bible

Father, we come to You today thanking you for a glimpse into the life of David, a man, You said, was a man after Your own heart. Thank You for letting us see, first hand, an example of how You love your children, even when they mess up. And not just a little bit, but even when the “mess up” is serious. Thank you for letting us see that Your Word stands forever, and help us to ever be mindful of the fact that Your judgments are true. Help us to allow Your Word to be a lamp to our feet and a light to our path, and we will forever glorify Your Name, Lord Jesus, Amen.

Thank you for reading!

Ever In His Service,


  1. David messes up over and over, and yet he always repents and is humble before God, and God blesses him and loves him. How much like is this to the relationship between husband and wife….but we humans are inclined to be prouder and more selfish, not easily forgiving the foolishness and selfishness done to us.

    As always, I a appreciate your post, and the prayer, I say with you.

    1. Author

      I have always been in awe of David’s repentant heart! I have always believed it to be the reason God called him a man after His own heart. Thank God we have these wonderful stories, and thank God for being able to Blog through the Bible!!

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