Today is a deeper look at Solomon’s son, King Rehoboam of Judah. I was just looking back over the many chapters my sisters and I have blogged through the Bible, and what a blessing it’s been! There’s just something about studying God’s Word, especially when you have like-minded people toContinue Reading

The first two chapters of 2 Kings starts with miracles and wonders! Here, you will read about Elisha’s “double portion,” received when he witnessed Elijah taken up by chariots of fire. There’s much to glean, so be sure and read along as we go through these amazing chapters! In CaseContinue Reading

1 Kings chapters 17 & 18 show us some great things concerning Elijah. It’s amazing to think about the things that happened here, as they’re recorded. Read along with me today as we peer into that chapter of Elijah’s life. In Case You Missed It! I went through 1 KingsContinue Reading