The first two chapters of 2 Kings starts with miracles and wonders! Here, you will read about Elisha’s “double portion,” received when he witnessed Elijah taken up by chariots of fire. There’s much to glean, so be sure and read along as we go through these amazing chapters! In CaseContinue Reading

1 Kings chapters 17 & 18 show us some great things concerning Elijah. It’s amazing to think about the things that happened here, as they’re recorded. Read along with me today as we peer into that chapter of Elijah’s life. In Case You Missed It! I went through 1 KingsContinue Reading

The Acts Challenge

Paul has been taken to Rome, to have his “case” heard before Governor Felix. In this chapter, Ananias and others come down to make their accusations and, once again, Paul denies their claims, telling his own version of the story. I love that they call him the “ring leader.” KindaContinue Reading