David Wants to Build a House for God

Chapter 17: A House for God

I’m honored to be able to blog on this particular chapter of the Bible, as it has always been one of my favorites! It starts out with David just sitting at home with Nathan (the prophet). He was saying to Nathan that there he was, dwelling in a ‘house of cedars’ while the ark of the covenant of the Lord ‘remaineth under curtains.’

It was obvious he didn’t think that was right. And Nathan, likewise, picked up on the very heart of David’s words. He said, “Do all that is in thine heart; for God is with thee.”

Nathan knew that David wanted to build a REAL house for God. And he encouraged him to go for it because God had always been with him. But God had other plans.

In fact, God came to Nathan that very night and told him to tell David “Thou shalt not build me an house to dwell in.”

God Says No

God reminded Nathan that he had never dwelt in a house, not even since the time He brought the children of Israel out of Egypt. He asked, Did I ask the judge of Israel to build me a house? Because He certainly could have!

He sent word reminding David where He had brought him from, and where He was taking him. He went on to assure him that one of David’s sons would be the one to build a house for God and God would then establish His own throne for ever.

He went on to speak of how His mercy would always be with this son and that He would settle him in God’s house and Kingdom for ever as well.

David Speaks to God

So Nathan told David everything God had told him to say and David went directly and sat down before God. He wondered out loud at his own worth, that God would be so merciful as to speak highly of him.

At this point, David begins to praise and worship God, thanking Him for His goodness and reminding Him of His words and blessings. Again, as I’ve said before, I’ve known few hearts so tuned towards worshiping God as David’s was. Which makes it no wonder why he was a “man after God’s own heart.”

Chapter 18: David’s Dominion

The next chapter opens up with David doing what David has always done best: waging and winning wars.

He first smites the Philistines and took Gath from them.

Then he smote Moab and made them his servants.

Next was the King of Zobah, all the way to Hamath, as he established his dominion there. From these people, he took:

  • 1,000 chariots
  • 7,000 horsemen
  • 20,000 footmen

The Syrians sent 22,000 soldiers to fight for Zobah, but David killed them all. The rest of Syriadamascus, he made his servants and “the LORD preserved David withersoever he went.” (verse 6)

On he went, subduing Hadarezer, Tibhath, and Chun.

A Careful King

When the king of Hamath, King Tou, heard of David’s massive victories, he did the only thing he thought might save him from the same fate…

He sent his own son to see King David. He asked about his welfare and sent congratulations, as well as sending vessels of gold, silver, and brass. David took those precious metals and dedicated them to the Lord, just like all the rest.

David, King of Israel

At this point, David reigned over all of Israel, executing judgment and justice, and these were the notable people in charge under his leadership:

  • Captain of the Host – Joab, son of Zeruiah
  • Recorder – Jehoshaphat, son of Ahilud
  • Priests – Zadok (son of Ahitub), and Abimelech (son of Abiathar)
  • Scribe – Shavsha
  • Chief of the Cherethites and Pelethites – Benaiah
  • Chiefs about the King – David’s son

1 Chronicles

Have you ever wanted to do something you thought was massively important to God, only to be stopped in your tracks? How did you manage afterward? Did you fuss or praise God for all that He has done for you?

I’ve done both! This is a good reminder that no matter what we want to do for God, it must ultimately be in His plan first. If we do that, we will always have His covering and we simply cannot go wrong.

1 Chronicles3

Dear Lord Jesus, help us to always remember that our desire should be to exist in the center of Your will, understanding that not everything we THINK we’re doing FOR You is what YOU want! And Jesus, that’s hard sometimes. Quiet our spirit, help us to see Your Will first, and move from a place of revelation rather than fleshly pursuit. We pray and ask these things in the precious Name of Jesus, Amen!

1 Chronicles2


  1. I love to read about David. He is my absolute favorite bible character. I’m sure I have mentioned this a time or two. He made a lot of mistakes. I guess that’s why I can relate to him. But he always was quick to repent from his heart.
    You brought out so many awesome parts of this story and the scriptures. It was a wonderful devotion! Thank you for sharing it! Love loved it! 💜

    1. Author

      Thank you, Sis! Yes, he has always been a most favorite of mine as well! And for the same reasons! <3 I'm glad you enjoyed it and I so appreciate your reading and taking time to let me know. Love you!

      1. You are always welcome ! 🤗 So love your devotions! Love ya!💜

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