Do We Have a Christian “Responsibility” in Politics?

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I was really happy to find the article below when a friend posted it to Facebook this morning. In fact, it is actually exactly what I wanted to say myself when I posted about the election. However, God gives each of us a unique voice. I care more about whether someone brings God’s words forthย period, more so than if I get to be the one who says or types them.

Rising political tides in this country are getting dangerous. There’s simply no doubt about that. Whether the former president strove for it or not, he created divides in this country, the likes of which haven’t been seen in 50-60 years. Of course, everyone wants to pursue his or her “rights” and everyone wants to make sure neither they, nor anyone else, is “offended” by anything.

But is that even possible?

I think not.

What Really Matters

No matter WHO is in charge, even at the smallest level, even in the most unsubstantial role, they simply cannot please everyone, all the time, no matter what. And quite frankly, I’m appalled at the people who think it’s ok to think that we can. Of course, both sides of the fence think their side is the right side. They think that if things can just be “changed”, the other side will SEE how wrong they were, once things get better. Then they’ll have to eat their words!

Still, it all amounts to the same thing unless we are seasoning our words and our deeds with one thing that is more important than any election, any public office, any speech, any THING that you will see or hear… and that is Jesus. Jesus is that Name that is above all Names, and His way is True. He is the ONLY way to the Father, and the only way in which a person can reach Heaven. His Word is true and forever established in Heaven. You’ll never see it bowing to any man made law or position.

It is my desire that you will read the following post. This author makes so many valid points, I simply couldn’t just read it and leave it there. I would love to just shout it from the rooftops. But I suppose my quaint little blog will have to suffice for now.

Source: It’s Not Our ‘Christian Responsibility’ to Be Politically Engaged


  1. Rita Kurian

    Sharing some thoughts..I guess it depends on the country. I know our leaders cannot be everything that we human capacities and ultimately it is the hand of God. I was thinking, however, it matters who rules..because we saw the increase in communion rioting..mob lynching and polarization in the Modi govt in the last four years…I never thought much about voting until now, because it does make a difference for us..If a despotic govt tries to suppress Christian minorities in does hurt…!..

    1. Stacey Lynn (Post author)

      I really appreciate your comment Rita! ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s nice to “talk” about the issue, without having two people, one who thinks THEY are right, and the other that thinks THEY are. It really does matter who rules, there’s no doubt about that. And I pray fervently for our leaders. I guess I’m mostly of the mind that voting isn’t really our voice. Plus, we have the electoral voting system, so sometimes, majorities don’t rule anyway. I suppose it could be both better and worse, honestly. For instance, Trump has done some amazing things here, especially from a business perspective. He donates his yearly salary (either 300,000 or 400,000 dollars I think) BACK into our treasury because he says he had enough money before being president and all he wants is to do what’s best for our country. Still, many hate and detest him simply because of the way he’s doing things. He’s certainly not perfect, in fact, childish in many ways. But I can’t deny the fact that my health insurance is cheaper, my taxes are going to come out better this year and I’m not too worried about the state of affairs of our nation’s security.

      I had no idea about things in India. I have a friend here who is from Sri Lanka, and she won’t go back because of how things are. I have a friend in South Africa also, who reports to the current state of affairs there, and it seems pretty violent in places. My goodness, we surely have a lot of praying to do! Again, thank you so much for sharing!! <3

  2. ritafkurian

    I am so glad you shared this with me..I actually really prayed for Pres Trump to win..I just felt it was a protection.and I see that the Isis is nearly eradicated..yes, he is not perfect..sometimes I cringe at the things he says and wish he would’t. The wonderful thing about US as other Indians tell us who are there is they feel safe..Something happens and they can call 911 and the state will take care of matter who is in power, your rights and protection is there (of course the recent gunshot incidents are nothing to do with govt, at least the govt did not set it a lot of things can be set up by govt, staging innocence..but how terrible if we cannot trust those ruling many are locked in prison or pointed cases against them to get them out..because they are witnesses to court cases..some disappeared, no one knows where they are)..

    Now here it is different…A top cop who was investigating and witness to a terrible lynching was on the case, and it appears set up that he was shot.. so we can see it comes from the top..A lot of the violence, lynching, etc is propagated by the govt dividing the country in religion and caste..the guns are given to them by that particular state govt. We never saw riots like this before, hatred never like this, nor so many deaths, and the shocking thing is, the govt is involved through pretending they are innocent..and they keep talking about the previous govt. because they are so insecure of them. I am shocked that no one is the world talks about this and Modi gets accolades wherever he goes…It is crazy here and no one feels safe, besides the top men with him (his party president and chief minister of the biggest state already have cases of heavy conspiracy and murder..the spirit is murder is thick in this govt. This govt aims at making India a Hindu country..Hindutva as they call it..they want us to say statements giving allegiance to their gods..India has become regressive and has never been like this under the Congress, I pray for the Congress to get back..Father have mercy.I am praying for a breakthrough in the elections next year..

    1. Stacey Lynn (Post author)

      Oh my goodness! It is really hard to imagine things being that bad! Yes, we have certain rights, no matter who wins or loses an election. Here, there are federal laws, but there are also things that are ruled by the specific states, that federal law cannot infringe on. Gun laws are one of those. While freedom of speech, for instance, is more a federal issue. We do have troubles… lots of them! In larger cities, it can be particularly dangerous too. I think the more that people begin to realize what’s really going on, the more they will pray. The ones who truly see, anyway. I join with you in praying that God’s Hand will rest on India and make it safe! <3

      1. ritafkurian

        Yes..we will pray ..and for US too!!!

        1. Stacey Lynn (Post author)

          Thank you!


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