There was a time when my Bible was dusty. Very dusty. There were no creases in the spine or anywhere else, no tattered edges or loosening pages. I didn’t read it. Not like I should, anyway. I might crack it open from time to time when the preacher said, “Turn with me to the book of…” and follow along for a verse or two.

I often thought to myself, Why should I read it? Or better still, at that time, why should I read it alone? I went to church and paid attention. Sometimes, I even took notes! I listened to Christian television and radio and I had friends who were Christians, so I was getting enough “Word” on a daily basis, right?

Every once in a while, I would even mention something about God to a friend here or there. Not too often though, because nobody likes a “preachy” friend, right? And nothing too deep, cause nobody’s into theology anyway, right?? Besides, everybody says that talking about God all the time makes us “churchy” people, and who wants to wear yet another title? What’s that they say… “too heavenly minded to be any earthly good”?

Taking the Plunge…

Then one day, I DID pick that Book up. I started reading it for myself and BY myself. I found promise after promise FOR ME! I found out that, in the Word, that “whosoever” that’s often spoken of…is often ME!

In John chapter 17, Jesus even prayed for me, and all believers that would come from the preaching of those first disciples and Apostles.

And I also found out, that some things that I’d thought were true all my life weren’t really in there at all. On the other hand, some other things that really are in there are never taught or sung about in the main arena. Still, other things are twisted and taken completely out of context. Which led me to the biggest truth of all…

Until you pick that Book up and read it for yourself, you may never know whether the things you believe about the Word are really true or not. And it is only the Truth that really makes you free. As it should so happen, the one that the Son makes free is free indeed.

Go ahead and start reading today! After all, what have you got to lose?

7 Replies to “Dusty Bibles & Dusty Lives”

  1. Relevant topic. Someone said that the Lord spoke to them these words:

    “Find yourself in the Book”.

    You are correct. We really have to find our place in God’s word and know He has a plan & purpose for us individually in order to persevere through the seasons of draught & testing.

    Thoughtful reading.

    1. Thank you. It seems that these days, I do more speaking from experience than from revelation. A season, perhaps? Then I read in Revelations that we overcome by the Blood of the Lamb and… the word of OUR testimony. Knowing that we were part of a plan created before the foundations of the earth is humbling, but that barely does the emotion justice. Bless you!

  2. Yes, I always thought of “we were part of a plan created before the foundation of the world” from God’s perspective and not from ours.

    Very humbling indeed and to think the Lord designed the plan for all of humanity to be partakers. There is no escape nor excuse for anyone, and in itself, is sufficient to give hope when our emotions fail us. God Bless!

  3. True word indeed! Sometimes we read but don’t understand, that is why we should always pray before we start reading and ask the Holy Spirit to grant us understanding as we read. Keep up the good work of ministering the Word of God. God bless you.

    1. Amen! I have always know the Holy Spirit to be the best teacher đŸ™‚ In fact, I was just talking to my son about that today! Thank you so much for reading and for your encouragement. Be blessed in Jesus’ Name!

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