Early Morning For Writers…What Is It?


Writers and the Wee Hours

So, as it turns out, just about all writers have their best ideas in the wee morning hours. I’ve always been that way. Years ago, I never wondered about how others writers wrote. But, having been a blogger for some time now, it seems it’s the norm. Two in the morning seems to be the perfect writing time for most.

And even more so for me.

As I sit here now, it’s 2:03 and I’ve just placed another post in my draft category. (Probably like a million other writers.) It needs a bit of tweaking before I release it. I’d like to add a few more thoughts as well as some Scripture references. Then it might be done. Then again, it might sit for a long time. Either is quite possible.

Don’t Toss It…Draft It

I don’t know why some writers don’t like to see posts in their drafts. I know I was like that when I started. It was like I had an idea and then just became a quitter suddenly. I’d clear them out, trash them, whatever I had to do to clear that draft list.

Now, the more drafts I have, the more excited I am! It means I have topics that already meant something to me at some point. I can simply go back, try to pick up where I left off and be much quicker to publishing. Cheating? Nah! It’s like a note-pad where I can jot down all the little things that pop up in my head from time to time.

I can thank my blogger-friend Cindy for that idea!

I use it more on my phone than my laptop. When I’m out and about, it helps to get those ideas down while they’re still fresh in my head. I do carry a notebook, but that seems too time-consuming, especially in certain places. I can’t just whip it out when I’m at the park. But my phone is always in my pocket! I don’t have service on it, because my hearing doesn’t allow me to be able to talk on the phone. But it’s always with me.

Old Drafts

My post about JuLee was in the draft category for quite some time. Written and rewritten, I didn’t know if I’d ever be able to post it. After a few revisions, though, I finally did it.

I have to say, I thought it would be a bit more therapeutic than it was. I’m not sure what I expected. Maybe that it would hurt less when I thought about her. Or that I’d be able to look at her pictures again without that crushing feeling in my chest. Maybe that just won’t ever go away, though. I’ve considered the idea.

That’s why the post about Shane isย still in my drafts. I don’t see that one coming out any time soon. After all these years, it seems like it should be easier, but it’s not. Maybe it’s because he was only a kid. Or maybe it’s because he was like one of my own.

Writing for therapy is one thing…digging down and revealing my heart about him is another.

I Should Be Sleeping

I have other hurtful posts in my drafts as well. Funny how they all came out in this “wee hour” time frame. There are certain things I only think about at night. Why does it always have to be the ones that make my heart ache so? Maybe its the fact that our own minds know we are alone and won’t be bothered or interrupted. It knows it can run rampant and there isn’t a thing we can do to steer it off course.

For the longest time, I’ve been feeling that I should post them, though. The posts that hurt to write. The ones that make me feel so uncomfortable and wretched and sad.

I’ve heard lots of people say it could help someone who is in that spot when they read my post. I like the idea of helping someone, but there’s so much I don’t feel like I’m over. How can I help someone else if I can’t even help me right now?

I mean, granted, God can take anything and make a work of art out of it. So maybe writing it would help me and someone else too.


I’ll Still Be Writing

So, whether or not they come out right away, I’ll still be writing. I’ll tuck those posts away, some funny, some sad, some common, and so on. I know sometimes I’m all over the place. I guess that’s why I appreciate my readers so much! You know you’re going to get an all-out buffet when you visit my blog.

And so with that, I’ll close this “shorter than usual” post. And thank you for stopping by to read it!

Be blessed!

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