Well, I’ve felt a little better over the course of the past couple days. Not that I’m back to 100%, but I’m pressing on, just the same. Seems like a lot more people than me have had that “zapped energy” feeling, and it sticks with ya a few days. After all, changing seasons does nothing good for me!

Today was a busy day. I organized the pantry and stocked extras in stackable buckets with neatly printed labels. I got about half of our freezer organized and rotated the stock there and cleaned out the refrigerator. I managed to fill the dehydrator again, with carrots and made a huge pot of cheesy potato soup to use up the last of my stored potatoes. So, I rotated that stock too, waiting for next week’s delivery, which I’ll likely dehydrate at least half of.

I took a lot of prayer breaks today. Well, they were breaks to give me a respite from standing on my feet for a few hours at a time, but I always use my breaks to pray, even if standing over a sink of dishes, or a washing machine I’m loading. These times are so dear to me that I really don’t know what I’d do without them! It’s a kind of refreshing you just can’t get from a nap or a meal or anything like that. It’s communing with the Creator, the One True God, and is there ANYTHING more important than that??

I think not!

I also did not sit down, not even once, to look at Facebook during the day. I’ve spent a long time thinking about the waste that social media is to our day. Especially mine. But more than that, I’ve been thinking about what a crushing weight it is on our mental health.

Since March, (and even more so as election season gears up), Facebook and Twitter, specifically, have been the total bane of my existence. I love to go on there and visit my prayer groups, women’s groups and share blog posts when I make them, but I have to get through the blatant onslaught of pure “in your face” evil first. Not so much from my friend’s list, but isn’t Facebook just one big advertisement platform now? It sure seems that way.

But still. The things people construe to be right still floor me on a daily basis. I am SO TIRED of so many things I see on an ongoing basis. Does no one have an original thought anymore? How can we be seeking to do Kingdom business and be engulfed in this kind of thing? Those are just a couple of the questions that have rattled me lately, and I have to admit, today, with absolutely NO Facebook, has been a GREAT day!

In fact, I think I’m gonna try it again tomorrow!

I’ve been looking for a reason to be more involved in my blogging, and I think I might just have found it.


  1. Sounds like you have been super busy! I’ve been trying to buy a few things here and there to organize. Oh, those precious moments of prayer with the Lord are the best! I love praying this way, as I’m doing chores.

    I use to get on Facebook a lot. One day I just lost the desire. It was so time-consuming for me, and the negativity was horrible! I noticed a change in my day. I was happier and more positive. I get on it in moderation. But I never want to go back to being consumed with it.

    1. Author

      I think “busy” is just a normal part of my day, HAHA! But you’re right! The negativity is probably the worst and I’m definitely not going to FREELY give the machine any more of my time.

      1. I totally agree! I’m trying to find a ‘happy medium.’ Maybe I’ll start sharing some devotions I’ve read again.

        1. Author

          Oh, that will be awesome! 🙂 Everyone could use more devotions! <3

  2. If you accomplish all that when you are tired what do you do when you’re raring to go?

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