Fireflies, Lightening Bugs, or Miracles?

One of God’s Amazing Creations!

Some call them fireflies.  Some call them lightenin’ bugs.  I call them miracles! Or at least that’s what I thought as child. What else could it be? A bug that had its very own, built in flashlight must SURELY be a miracle! Right?

No other bug invokes as much memory and emotion as these little critters. If you are like me, you have many fond memories that involve these precious little creatures.

When we were little, we just couldn’t wait until the sun started going down. We would, with excitement, grab our mason jars and head out to catch some.

With laughter and amazement, we spent an untold amount of time rounding them up. We had to be careful and gentle, so as not to crush their precious little bodies. Nothing would bring more sorrow to our group than the untimely death of one of these bugs.

On those rare occasions when we would accidentally squish one, there are hardly words to tell how horribly sad we were. Why, we felt as if we’d committed the ultimate sin!

After catching them, we would gently deposit them into whatever glass jar Mama had given us. Sometimes we got a mason jar and other times it was a recycled jelly or jam jar. Before even attempting to catch the fireflies, we would put the lid on and punch breathing holes in the top.

Once we each had several fireflies inside the jar, we would all head towards the porch and sit and stare. I’m not sure exactly why we got so much enjoyment out of that, but it’s an awesome memory.

I only wish that today’s children would get the opportunity to know that feeling.

What an awesome, creative God we serve, Who would light up the back end of a bug to give such fond recollection in our later years!

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