My Go-To Playlist For Just About Anytime!


I use to listen to music all the time. I mean, if I was awake with even one eye open, the stereo was on! Back in those days, it was pretty much bluegrass music all the way. My favorite artist of all time was Alison Krauss, but not so much anymore. But I always had a healthy dose of the old stuff too.


Nowadays, I just rarely ever turn on anything. From time to time I try the radio in the van. Unfortunately, today’s music has absolutely NOTHING for me. Country isn’t country, I don’t care how much they talk about tractors and Bacc’er! Pop was dead in the 80’s.

And don’t even get me STARTED about the lyrics!

There are only two Christian stations on my dial and I can barely stand the stuff they play. I mean, I guess they’re trying to keep up with what the rest of the world is doing. Mistake #1, in my humble opinion…

On To My Music Playlist…

So without further a-do, here is what I turn on when I’m going to be close to my laptop. Since I am fairly impaired in the hearing department, I have to be close.

I will warn you now…you just might hear anything on this list 🙂 ! I have loved bluegrass, southern gospel, classic rock, rap and Lord knows what else. Each of these songs holds a VERY special place in my heart because they all came about at important times in my life.

Maybe someday I’ll back up each song with the story of how they came to be so important to me.

FYI, these are in no particular order because I usually turn shuffle on anyway.

  1. Come Just As You Are – Crystal Lewis
  2. Jesus Freak – DC Talk
  3. Lord, Give Me A Sign – DMX
  4. Does Anybody Hear Her – Casting Crowns
  5. White Horse – Earthsuit
  6. Every Reason – Smalltown Poets
  7. Faithful To Me – Jennifer Knapp
  8. Joyful Noise – Flame/LeCrae
  9. Hold Me Now – Jennifer Knapp
  10. I Surrender All – Clay Crosse
  11. I Want To Stroll Over Heaven – Third Tyme Out
  12. From The Depths of My Heart – The Isaacs
  13. Jesus, Lover of My Soul – Darlene Zschech
  14. Lay ‘Em Down – Needtobreathe
  15. Martyrs and Thieves – Jennifer Knapp
  16. Prayin’ For You – Lecrae
  17. Prizm – Pax217
  18. Savin’ The World – Clay Crosse
  19. Thankful – Caedmon’s Call
  20. Never Too Late – Three Days Grace
  21. Trinity – Jennifer Knapp
  22. Victory Chant – Donnie McClurkin
  23. Vision of Heaven – The McKamey’s
  24. Voice of Truth – Casting Crowns
  25. Who Am I – Casting Crowns
  26. Whole Again – Jennifer Knapp
  27. Victory – Yolanda Adams
  28. Sweet Glow of Mercy – Gary Chapman
  29. Old Friend – OC Supertones
  30. Lift Me Up – OC Supertones
  31. It’s Me Again Lord – JD Crow and The New South
  32. Under His Feet – The McKamey’s
  33. If I Stand – Rich Mullins
  34. The Words I Would Say – Sidewalk Prophets
  35. He’s Still In The Fire – The Speers
  36. Judas Kiss – Petra
  37. Something About The Name Jesus – Kirk Franklin
  38. Dying Star – Jason Upton
  39. Something In That Upper Room – The Wilburns
  40. Don’t Go Home Tonight Unsaved – The Wilburn Brothers
  41. I Can’t Even Walk – Jamie Wilson
  42. The Angels Rejoiced – Rhonda Vincent & Rebecca Lynn Howard
  43. The Blood Is Still There – Kevin Spencer Family
  44. Four Days Late – Karen Peck
  45. I Will Fear No Evil – Joyce Martin Sanders
  46. Stand Still – The Isaacs
  47. Your Cries Have Awoken The Master – The Isaacs
  48. Sea Walker – The Hinsons
  49. Orphan Girl – Gillian Welch & David Rawlings
  50. Revelation Song – Charlotte Ritchie

Let me know if you had a favorite on this list.

And I hope you got a blessing out of it! 🙂


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