This is day 9 for the Gratitude Challenge, and today’s phrase is even if. I spoke on this phrase very briefly in church this past week. More a mention, really. But it’s so important!

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“Even If” Conjures Up A Lot

There are a ton of different ways a person could go with this phrase, but for me, it is most certainly a spiritual situation. It seems that in this day and age, even if is a believer’s motto.

It seems that in today’s climate, every single “group” has a cause, an advocate, an activist, etc., to plead their cause to the highest point at the drop of a hat. Every single group, that is, except for the believer.

If you are a believer, I’m afraid you have few voices pleading your cause in societal landscapes. In fact, as a believer, you likely have more standing against you than for you. I’m sure we ALL remember the brave Brother Tony Spell case in Louisiana and all that he went through!

Sometimes, We Stand Alone

Even if the whole world chooses sin, I will not. This is the clarion call of every genuinely born-again believer. We know that, in Acts 5, the council demanded that Peter and the Apostles stop teaching in the Name of Jesus.

Peter’s response is what ours should be, to this very day!

We ought to obey God rather than men.” (Acts 5:29)

Even if sin is mandated as the law of the land, we have no choice but to serve and obey Jesus!

Choose Wisely

There are those – MANY, to be honest – who say that “Christians” are full of hate! They hate certain groups of people, other religious beliefs, and so much more. That we “cling” to “religion” with no basis.

My, my, what a day to be alive!

I’m ashamed to admit that much of what the world knows of Christianity isn’t Christianity at all. At least, not like Jesus taught His followers.

There ARE people who speak of the Lord with their mouths, but their hearts are far from Him. Like the Pharisees of old, these are the ones who cling to manmade tradition and bylaws far above the actual Word of God.

We have a mandate to love our neighbor… even as ourselves! But we also have the mandate to hate, abhor, and stand against what is evil.

Even If the World Doesn’t Know Jesus

To those who don’t know Jesus personally and have not experienced true, Biblical rebirth, WE should look like a beacon in the darkness. Even in standing against sin and evil, we still have to reach out to the ONE that Jesus would leave the 99 for!

If we hide our light under a bushel, or worse, act like a heathen instead of one of His children, how will they see Him? And what other way WOULD they see Him?

It breaks my heart to see the misrepresentation of our Lord in this world we live in today. And that makes me stand, even stauncher, in my decree, that even if I am persecuted for it, I will stand for and live for the One who died so that I could live.

My Savior. My best friend. My ever-present help in times of trouble.

My Jesus.

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