Here we are on Day 7 of the Gratitude Challenge, and today’s word is until. As soon as I saw the word, one thing stood out above all else!


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Until Jesus

I could say a lot about the person I was before Jesus, but none of them are very nice. It wasn’t until Jesus came into my life that things started to make sense. To matter.

Before Him, there were so many times I just struggled with the basic WILL to live! NOTHING had meaning. NOTHING mattered. Even the things that should have, didn’t, because I was just that beaten up by the enemy!

Then Jesus!

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He Changed Everything

I can’t say that “it was like the flip of a button” or anything because it wasn’t. But I can say that I remember looking back at one point and thinking, WOW… look how far He’s brought me!

Then I saw Him change my husband’s life and my son’s life! It was one of the most thrilling years of my entire life to see things coming together to create a home that truly honored God.

There is a kind of fragrance to holiness that wafts of peace, comfort, and confidence toward Him. Did it mean life was suddenly a bowl of cherries? NO! But it did give me, and us, a better way to combat the evils we saw around us.

No Other Way, Until Truth Came

Through my younger years, I had tried it all. I was baptized into the Christian Church (denomination, not faith) at 17, “accepted” Jesus, and went on my merry way. I had the “assurance” that nothing could separate me from God.

But no one took the time to tell me that I sure could separate MYSELF from Him!

There came a time in my life when I had exhausted all my efforts. I tried ALL the denominations, only to realize that “denomination” literally means “division.” Think of “divisions” of money, weight, etc.

The truth is that we are ONE body, ONE faith, under ONE Lord, and ONE baptism. Suddenly, it made sense why nothing had added up until now!

No Turning Back

An honest, bonafide relationship with Jesus changes everything. I wouldn’t trade this kind of peace for anything in this world. And I’ll spend my time telling everyone who will listen about this man, Jesus. Because it wasn’t until He came into my life – FOR REAL – that I had a chance at life.

Do you know Him? I suggest John chapter 3, and Acts, chapters 1, 2, and 3, to start with. He’ll meet you there!

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