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I am excited to announce this year’s Health and Wellness Summit, a homeschooling conference by Teach Them Diligently!

Here’s What You Want To Know…

All of us can benefit from taking a little extra time during this time of the year to invest our spiritual, mental/emotional, and physical health.

Our health is vital and can greatly impact how our lives function.

Overwhelmingly, homeschoolers we have asked have told us that one of their largest struggles is the balance of health in their homes. The Bible tells us that our bodies are a temple so it is vital that we be good stewards of the mind, body, and soul that we have been given.

The Teach Them Diligently Health and Wellness Summit strives to equip you in the areas of spiritual, physical, and emotional/physical health.

Enjoy more than 30 workshops specifically designed to help you focus on your health through topics that focus on natural health, physical health, meal prepping, mental wellness, and more!

I’ll Be Presenting Two Workshops

I have the honor of presenting two workshops at this year’s conference. The first is, Don’t Walk In Fear, Homeschool Instead. The second is, Using a Faith-Focus to Keep You and Your Family Healthy. If you’d like to see them, be sure to click over and purchase your ticket for this outstanding virtual event!

If You’re Interested in Homeschooling

I have lots of information on my homeschooling website, Homeschooling Revealed. There, you’ll find blog content, resources, and a link to my new book, of the same name, Homeschooling Revealed. I look forward to the opportunity to help any parents who have a desire to homeschool. And I do that by addressing doubts and fears that keep them from diving in.

The opportunity to speak at this conference is such an honor. I do hope you’ll join us there! You’ll get to know some amazing speakers and gain knowledge you’ll carry with you for years to come!

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