I have had the pleasure of homeschooling both of my children. My son was my firstborn and to say I was naive is an understatement! I had no idea what homeschooling was when he started school and the stress of sending him off to preschool was intensified, as this was the time we were also finding out that he had high-functioning autism.

I did homeschool him for about six months when he was in the fifth grade. This was at the suggestion of his therapist who agreed that one on one instruction would be the best way to take care of his educational gaps and bring him closer to the same level as his same-age peers.

By the time my daughter started school, I was ready to dive into learning all that I could about homeschooling, and pulled her out after a very rocky third-grade year. I caved in to pressure from non-homeschoolers as she graduated from middle school and agreed to let her attend public school in the ninth grade to “try out” high school, and THAT was the biggest mistake EVER.

I won’t go into details about that horrible year, but my once happy go lucky teenager was transformed, through bullying and negative self-images, into a cutter with suicidal thoughts. We made it through. Barely. And I could only pray God would allow me to make up for the damage that was done that year, in more ways than one.

She graduated from homeschool in April 2019. There were some tears, and there were some perfect days, but just like every other homeschooler who determined to go the distance, we made it!

I enjoy encouraging other moms to homeschool and I’m blessed to be able to write about that. Please feel free to browse the titles below, from two of my favorite homeschooling websites: Homeschooling Mom and Great Homeschool Conventions.

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