May I just say, it’s never too late?  

Speaking from experience, it’s never too late.

I know, because I’ve been there. I’ve been to that place where you feel you will be trapped forever. You just don’t think you’ll ever get away from “that” feeling, “that” emotion, “that” feeling of everything ending.

Lots and lots of things in life can smack you right in the face, and some of them may even make you think there’ll be nothing left afterward. So why go on? Why let the ride go on when there’s not a joyful thing to be seen, anywhere?

Many times, my heart has hurt so badly in my chest that I was sure I would simply die. There seemed to be no way out, no way up from the bottom. It couldn’t possibly get any worse, but then it would.

God make it stop!!!

There truly IS such a thing as “heartache” and when your heart aches, my, how it can twist your thoughts!

It can make you believe there’s nothing left to live for. If there’s more pain like this ahead of me, you might think to yourself, what on earth would I want to continue going through it? Why, why, WHY would I want to go on?

Why?  Because it’s never to late.

You may be a prisoner in a loveless marriage, or you might be a prisoner to drugs or alcohol. It might be something else that has you in a complete stupor. There are plenty of things out there that can cause it. Plenty of things that can leave you in a haze, or a cocoon.

I know what that’s like too.

It can make you do things and say things and be the kind of person you only thought you’d only ever hear about but never be.

It can make you doubt your sanity, and make you doubt there could ever be any good left in you. And it can make you think they’d be better off without you.

But it’s now that you can’t give up!

Why?  Because it’s never too late.


You may have lost the one person in your life that meant more to you than any other person or anything else.

You may have watched a loved one breathe their last breath. At the same time,  they take a piece of your heart as they passed on into eternity. You’ll never get that back.

I know that feeling too, I do.

You may have no one else, no friend or family member to turn to. You might be all alone, even if they tell you you’re not. But still, you can’t give up.

Why? Because it’s NEVER TOO LATE!

never too late

I know all of these things because I’ve been there. In all of these situations, when I thought there was nothing left ahead, I found out…

It’s never too late. It really isn’t.

If any of these things are things you are going through, hold your head up! Just like spring turns into summer, then summer turns into fall and fall turns into winter, so the seasons of your life keep rolling.

If you are thinking of ending all of this, all of the pain, STOP! That’s a permanent solution to a temporary problem!

Trust me!

But, maybe it is THE time that you need to hear, friend, IT’S NEVER TOO LATE!

Listen to this… it’s a song that has gotten me through some pretty rough times.

After all…it’s never too late.

And let me say one very important thing before I go. If you are in a place where you just don’t think you can take another step or another breath, and you don’t feel like you have any tears left to cry, PLEASE, talk to someone.

People care, they really do! I just pray right now, that if you’re reading this and you’re in that place, that God will cause someone to cross your path to be just that person. They’re out there, and you will matter to them.

You don’t have to tell them your life’s history. But sometimes, just bouncing thoughts off someone else helps to clear your mind. It helps give you a place to send those thoughts that are battering away at you day and night.

It helps.

Don’t doubt it. You are irreplaceable! God created only one of you. Even twins are not exactly alike.

And don’t forget…

It’s never too late…

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