I’m telling you, I just needed some Jesus time today!

It started last night. When someone asked me a question. I didn’t have a full answer, and I admitted that I didn’t. But I promised I would get back with them.

Of course, I went straight for wise counsel, because the Bible speaks to the importance of that. I read some Scriptures, took notes, listened to an audio sermon, and finally laid down and prayed. My late-night Jesus time.

Immediate bad news hit as soon as I woke up when I got word that my uncle has passed this morning. I also knew that we would be spending another day trying to figure out what was wrong with the brakes on our van. I have a ton of business items on my to-do list, and no way to take care of them at the moment, so that was weighing on my mind as well.

Today was busy and I knew it was going to be busy, even though I didn’t have any work from my clients. I got up early and decided to can some potatoes and cornbread (separately, not together, lol), and make a fresh loaf of sandwich bread.

As I started working, I thought it would be a great time to grab my BlueTooth speaker and play some praise and worship music. Hubby and son were working on our van brakes (which have been out for three days and counting, now), and I was going back and forth from kitchen work to helping with the brakes. Back and forth, back and forth. And that’s okay. Even that can be Jesus time!

I realized at one point that things were different. The “old me” would already have been inconsolable and angry. Now, I admit… at one point, I really did feel tears welling up in my spirit. They never made it to my eyes though. I mean, really… God’s got this! I kept realigning myself with the fact that FAITH is EVIDENCE… and Jesus knows I have plenty of evidence of His goodness in our lives. Of the many times He’s scooped us up in ways that didn’t seem feasible in any way. And I certainly have no reason to doubt that He is standing in the wings, waiting for whatever it is we need from this season. This moment in time.

I don’t remember which song it was, but at one point, I felt the Holy Ghost SWEEP into the room! I had my kitchen windows open and there was a strong breeze outside. Here in our little corner of East TN, gusts were at 40 to 60 miles per hour! And I do love windy days! But I was standing there in front of that window, peeling taters, singing along with the music, and overwhelming joy just flooded my soul. Nothing had changed. It’s just one of those times Jesus shows up and surrounds you with complete and utter peace. I’m telling you… there’s nothing like it!

So, remember that I said someone had asked me a question last night? Well, after Jesus showed up, He just started bringing Scripture after Scripture to my mind about the very topic we had discussed. Things I didn’t even know that I knew! Every few seconds, I was laying down the potato and knife and adding notes to the note-taking app on my phone. A couple of times it just came so fast, I didn’t think I’d remember it all until I could get my hands dried! But thank God, I did. And as the day drew to a close, I was able to share it all with that person. I hope that Jesus came through every letter of every Word because NOTHING is as dear to me as the Truth.

Well, fast forward to getting the potatoes in the canner. Almost immediately, the bottom split off of one of my jars and I lost the entire contents in the canner. Ugh! That’s the first time that has EVER happened! And I had a brace in the bottom and everything. Well… I went right on canning the other six jars and they turned out fine. So did my canned cornbread. I did a small batch, just to test out the small jars, and I think they’ll do fine.

We never did get the brakes fixed. But we did make some leeway. Jimmy spoke with a dear friend and brother in the Lord who really helped with some good ideas. We will start again in the morning and pray for good results. But, ultimately, it’s Jesus’ timing that will prevail. And we’re fine with Jesus time!

Here at the end of the day, I’m tired. Oh, so tired. I should be in bed (and will be soon). But I just had to record these few thoughts.

To some, it wouldn’t have counted as a very “accomplished” day. But to me, it was amazing. But then again, not everyone finds their happy place in a kitchen with a canner, with worship music playing, having a prayer meeting in front of the sink with a tater in one hand and a knife in the other!

I relish my before-bed-prayer-time, so I’m looking forward to that. And to whatever God has in store for us tomorrow. He knows our needs before we even know them ourselves, and I sure praise His Name!

8 Replies to “Jesus Time In My Kitchen”

  1. Oh Stacey! There’s nothing like having a tater in one hand and worship in the other! You spoke here of what was preached in our Sunday night service. Learning to be grateful, praising and worshipping God in the “simple and ordinary” moments. The service was amazing! So sorry you are having problems with the brakes in your van. Hope y’all get it fixed soon.
    Isn’t it amazing how Jesus will bring those scriptures to mind when we need them most? 💃🏼 🙌🏼

    1. Thank you, Sis, for the prayers! I know He will make a way, even if there seems to be no way <3

      That's so interesting that your service was on this topic! I'm telling you, I am learning more every day that we get more out of our prayer and worship and praise than we EVER WILL from anything we attempt in the flesh! He is SO GOOD and SO FAITHFUL, and His mercies are new EVERY MORNING!! Praise His Name!!

      I hope everything is well with you and your precious family <3 I think of and pray for you often <3

      1. Jesus sure will make a way when there seems to be no way! Hope the van brakes are fixed by now! I’m doing good! Just been busy since I started work. I think of you very often! 💕

        1. He sure will! Yes, we got the van brakes fixed finally, praise the Lord 🙂 Now we have to redo the brakes on the truck, lol. If it’s not one thing, it’s another isn’t it? I think of you often as well, Sis, and miss our talks <3 I pray for you often as well!

  2. This is so good sis!! I love how Holy Spirit speaks to us when we just make time for him! I am sorry to hear about your uncle. Sending hugs

  3. Oh this is so good. You never really will know how you “speak to me” so often through what you write….thank you for that. I love how He is present in the everyday, ordinary ways. We tend to think it has to be this “big thing” yet I find that the whispers are the sweetest. Sorry about the passing of your Uncle and hope the brake situation is rectified soon. Love ya.

    1. Oh my goodness, your comments always bless my heart! I’m so glad that in my mundane, God uses it to speak life. He’s SO good at that! 🙂 Thank you so much and yes! Praise God, our brake situation IS rectified!! Love you too!

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