Or Do You Think You Do?

On a daily basis, I get the feeling that not everyone knows Jesus. I mean, apart from the lost. It seems like people just really don’t know this man they call Father.

And that’s such a shame.

There’s so very much to know about Him! Things that will give you cold chills or bring tears to your eyes. I bet there are even some facts in the gospels alone that you might not even know about Jesus.

The great news is, if you don’t know Him, you can! Reading the Living Word of God will tell you everything you need to know. While the Bible speaks about Him throughout the entire Bible, the Gospels will suffice to get you started. It will give you a clear understanding of who He was as a man and as the Christ. Our Savior.

I Don’t Care For Graven Images

The Bible doesn’t say much about what Jesus looked like. And I know I’m going to get some flack for this, but I’m pretty sure He didn’t look like 99% of the pictures we see of Him. I highly doubt that He had a pale white complexion with thin, flowing blonde or brown hair and blue eyes.

So what color was He? I am very hesitant to say, but here’s something we know for fact. He was born in Bethlehem, which is in the Middle East. Now, while He could have been born looking differently than His “parents”, but I believe that would have caused quite a stir. Enough then, we would have seen something of it in the Scriptures.

We know, too, that at one point when He had begun to preach, people were saying, “Isn’t this Joseph and Mary’s son?”, (Luke 3:22-23; John 1:45; John 6:42) which leads me to believe He did look like them.

When Jesus was two, an angel warned Joseph in a dream that the King was looking to kill Jesus (Matthew 2:13). So they left and hid in Egypt for some time after that. I doubt that a white person could have hid out in Egypt for any amount of time.

Of course, all of these facts don’t assure us of anything. Trying to “decide” what color He was is just another tactic of the enemy pointing us towards division. The fact is, it doesn’t matter what color He was! He is the One Who died for our sins and paid a debt He did not owe. And He did it so that WE would not have to!

Jesus Is Not Still On The Cross


Much like my distaste for many pictures of Jesus, I also don’t like crucifixes that have Jesus still on them. I mean, I can understand being thankful for what He did. Had there been no death on the cross, we would still be just as lost and bound by the law, or lack of it, as before He came.

However, I would rather not see Him still attached to the crucifix. He’s not there! That work is finished, it’s a done deal, and our joy is now properly placed in His resurrection.


Because, let’s be honest…if He had only died and not risen, He would be no different from all the other false gods who died and stayed that way.

No, Jesus is risen! And praise God for that! I mean no disrespect to anyone who loves their crucifixes, but I do ask that you at least think about it and pray about.

Jesus Was Incredibly Popular

People wanted to be around Jesus! Even before He had done a single miracle, He was invited to a wedding party (John chapter 2). It was at this party where He performed the very first miracle. Turning water into wine.

Crowds flocked around Him all the time. Of course, some were there to BE healed and some to SEE healings and miracles performed. Some just wanted to hear what He had to say. He spoke with authority (Matthew 7:29), as One Who knew what He was saying.

At one point, there were so many people around Him, that two friends put their sick friend down through the roof (Mark 2:4)! Can you imagine? The two friends carried the sick man and saw that they wouldn’t be able to get in the door. So they climbed onto the roof, tore a hole, and lowered him down. Just to reach Jesus.

After the King had beheaded His cousin, John the Baptist, Jesus went away to be by Himself with His grief (Matthew chapter 14). Even then, people thronged around Him. His disciples told Him to send them away, but the Bible tells us He had compassion on them. He preached to them and then fed them, which was another miracle, as he multiplied a few fish and a little bread.

There are lots of stories like this throughout the Gospels. Jesus was popular!

Jesus Didn’t Care For The Highly Religious

Many times, Jesus taught in the Temple. He read the Word that they had at the time and He preached to all who would listen. There came a time when He couldn’t do this anymore, but until then, He taught when He wanted.

It was the pious religious leaders of the time, the Pharisees and Sadducees, that made it unsafe for Him to do so. In fact, throughout the Gospels you’ll see, they were looking for any excuse to kill Him. They often followed Him, testing Him with questions. They figured if they could get Him to answer the wrong way, they would have Him!

However, every time they asked a question, He answered with wisdom, often leaving them embarrassed to slink away behind the crowd. But they continued all the more, always trying to “catch” Him doing something wrong.

At one point, He called these men white washed tombs, full of dead men’s bones (Matthew 23:27). He also likened them to a pot that had been washed on the outside and left dirty on the inside (Matthew 23:25). He went on further to say that unless our righteousness EXCEEDS that of the Scribes and the Pharisees, that we would never see Heaven (Matthew 5:20)!

That’s a lot to imagine, isn’t it? That we should be more righteous than the highest ranked religious leaders of that era! But, He said it, so I believe it!

Jesus Was Forgiving

Not only was Jesus’ sole purpose in coming into the world to die for our sins, but He was just as forgiving before He died and rose again. We see it time and again. There was the woman who was caught in adultery. Caught in the very act! There was no doubt that the law of the time said that she was to be stoned to death (John chapter 8).

Again, trying to catch Jesus in a position to answer wrong, they asked what they should do with her. After stooping to write in the sand for a moment, He stood and addressed the men. They each had a stone of their very own, ready to rain down punishment with an almost excited attitude. Then Jesus made one simple statement:

  • The one that is among you without sin, let him cast the first stone.

Slowly, each man dropped their stone and walked away. After awhile, after asking where her accusers were, she told Jesus there were none. At that time, He told her that He didn’t accuse her either and told her to go, and sin no more.

And of course, we cannot forget the thief on the cross beside Jesus. While the other thief mocked Jesus and made fun of Him, this one hushed him up and asked Jesus to remember him. Jesus told him he would be with Him in paradise that very day (Luke 23:43)!

Isn’t it amazing to serve a God of second chances?! The way that Jesus interacted with people and loved and forgave them! How could we think that He wouldn’t forgive US?

Jesus Died For YOU!

Believe me when I say that Jesus died for you! He died for me too! In fact, before he was arrested in the garden, he prayed for us, did you know that (John 17:20)? He prayed that we would be one in Him, among other things, and that we would be able to resist the enemy.

His death on that cross started it all. Then He rose again on the third day and after some time, ascended to Heaven. Even to this day, He makes intercession for us! We were on His mind then, and we are still on His mind today.

His death, burial and resurrection were the greatest gift you’ll ever receive. Because it makes a way for you to spend eternity in Heaven. That’s a place we would have no right being if it were not for what Jesus did. Praise His Name!

Accept That Free Gift, If You Haven’t Already…

The gift of salvation is available to all who call on His Name in repentance. Turn from your sins, confess them to Him and ask Him to come into your heart. After that, find a Bible believing church that is free from the chains of the doctrines of man. (Jesus taught against this often.) And allow God to show you the next steps to take.

He will make the path clear. In fact, the Psalmist David said, His Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path. It’s true! Once you begin to live for Him, He will show you what You need to do and give you a calling that only You can receive.

If you need someone to help you pray, please feel free to contact me. I do not claim to be anything other than a sister saved by His shed blood and thankful to be able to tell His story! But I can sure help you pray!

God bless you!

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  1. This is so great…I recently realized that I was leaving out many aspects of Jesus on the table when reading through his divine words in the bible. It has inspired me seek to know him and his traits all the better – to see the humor, the seriousness, the joy, the sadness, the justice, the mercy – and how they shine through in all the right places. Great article, thanks for sharing!

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