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I wrote a post awhile back in which I mentioned Project Gutenberg and the books available there. If you still haven’t heard of it, please click on the link and take a look.

I’m a huge fan of free resources for homeschool, so you’re likely to see more posts like this. We use a lot of different books. Some of them are digital and some of them are actual hands-on books. We love both!

This blog I found today is a GREAT resource for books that we can use right from our Kindle, Kindle App or other app that will open Kindle downloads.

Free Resources

I have, in the past, downloaded some great free resources from Amazon, but this blog post really lays things out so that you can get the most out of them. Everything is categorized with even the free ones listed as such.

Just take a look below if you’re interested. I know I found some great resources and I hope you do too!

By the way, if you have anything to add to the list, please leave a comment to let us know where. Leave a comment, as well, if there are any other go-to websites we should know about.



As high school approaches, Ben’s reading list is growing and changing. So many of the books I want him to read can be found cheap or free on Kindle. And we love our Kindles! No more packing a huge backpack every time we travel or buying one more book case because we’ve filled all that we …

Source: 170+ Classic Books on Kindle for Homeschool Education (history, geography, science) – Ben and Me

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