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I didn’t realize that in California, two out of three people say they aren’t living according to God’s Word. I also didn’t realize that most there don’t even believe in God at all.

I mean, I knew there was some definite Godless behavior going on there, especially with the recent elections and voter fraud… I mean, come on… I’ve heard from people that live there who say they weren’t even asking for ID’s because they were afraid they would offend someone!

This is the United States of America!

Nevertheless… we serve a God that is more than able to change all these things! I’m glad that Franklin Graham is moving in there to try to bring the Gospel. I pray that they have another outbreak like Azuza Street! Of course, that takes men and women who are hungry for a move of the Spirit. It takes people praying for revival!

Won’t you join me in praying that California is overcome with God’s mercy and grace? And that Franklin receives a True Message from God to deliver in the right place, at the right time, to the right people. In the Name of Jesus!

Source: The Gospel Can Make a Difference in Any Community and Any Life


  1. AwethentiQ

    I so want to write a book Jesus Doesn’t Live In London. In 2001, the only active church I could find, was the South African Congregation that serves expats….

    1. Stacey Lynn (Post author)

      Sounds like it would be a great read. You’ll have to tell me more about it.

      1. AwethentiQ

        I was shocked to experience the God-lessness when visiting the UK almost two decades ago. Unlike my own country, there is just worldliness.

      2. AwethentiQ

        When visiting an island in the Pacific, none of the 30-odd white teens on visit from Europe, Scandinavia or Canada knew how to say grace. A Maori gent then proceeded. So: is Jesus the “white man’s God” after all?

        1. Stacey Lynn (Post author)

          Wow, very interesting…and sad. I think even among “professing” Christians, there are few who truly know Jesus as He really is, as spoken of throughout the entirety of the Bible. So many ideas that just don’t line up with the Word.

          1. AwethentiQ

            In the missionary world, it is estimated that no more than 2% are true, but really below 1%. Now, the interesting thing is that Gideon found that 0,9375% of his army was worthwhile. You figure that out.

          2. Stacey Lynn (Post author)

            Amen. I think of Gideon’s army often, actually. I also think about the way Peter and Paul had an argument where it said Paul withstood him to his face. I have to wonder how many things Christians argue about that don’t affect our salvation at all!

          3. AwethentiQ

            Paul is deemed to be gentlemanly but any true Bible scholar will agree to his own statement that he was “a man of rude speech.” Peter also was a fiery man, as were almost all prophets through the ages. Don’t think Jesus was the “how to win friends and influence people” type, either. 🙂

          4. Stacey Lynn (Post author)

            Ha! So true, on all accounts. I have studied the lives of both Peter and Paul, so I get the confrontation. What has me in awe, in this day and age, is the fact that every denomination has their own way of doing things…”traditions of men” Jesus called them (and vehemently warned against, I might add), and yet, they think the only way to Heaven is THEIR way. Truth is…somebody is wrong.

          5. AwethentiQ

            The corruption started already with Marcion around 100AD, who began to compile the New Testament. He believed that Jesus came to deliver us from the cruel Old Testament God and only accepted Luke’s book, when Acts was still part of that.

            Traditions of men: Paul wasn’t authorized to lay down new laws, yet almost the entire Christianity applies his writings in that way. People don’t understand who he had spoken to, under what circumstances, in which culture or even why. So new silly traditions are formed.

            In Paul’s time, the NT didn’t even exist. The inspired scriptures he referred to, were the Law & Prophets, the OT. The NT would arrive centuries later and was alteady corrupted by the monks of Rome. Their translations ADDED content to the Bible and Christianity now follows that perversion with zeal. If only people were open to the truth, or even understand the core of what they are reading. Would a dictionary or thesaurus full of errors be reliable?

          6. Stacey Lynn (Post author)

            I have never heard about what went on in 100 AD, but I will look into that. I thought it all started with the Council of Nicaea I’m 325 AD. It’s interesting, and one of the reasons I think we should carefully consider history, culture, etc. I have always thought about the fact that Paul was speaking to a particular group of people in each place he traveled to, especially when considering the fact that he talked about how all things were permissable to him, but didn’t always edify. I will read the scripture in Revelation as well. Thank you so much for all the information!

          7. AwethentiQ

            Marcion was the founding father of the New Testament, but theological seminary won’t teach you that. I found that when doing some research prayerfully and guided by His Spirit. We have so many well-established beliefs that are not supported by facts, which is why I lost my religion while growing deeper roots into Jesus.

          8. Stacey Lynn (Post author)

            I have always believed there was a great cover up being executed towards the Truth. I often search ancient texts for bits here and there. I am always appreciative when someone points me in the direction of even more truth 🙂 and soak it up.

          9. AwethentiQ

            Some react by losing their faith, which is why I measure my words. If someone loses religion to find Jesus, I will be the happiest man on this planet. I don’t think we were intended to be spoonfeeders, we need to find Jesus on our own path. That is not for the infant food eaters, anyone embarking upon this path should, like your goodself, first have a very solid foundation. There will come a day when one won’t teach another, but each will eat from his own tree, sit in his own shade and be guided directly by the Spirit who will tell such which direction to go. I think this is in Isaiah somewhere, or Ezekiel…..

          10. AwethentiQ

            Isn’t it a bit weird to see how Protestants fight the Roman Catholic faith, yet their church structure, liturgy, core beliefs, traditions are very similar?

            Interesting note on translations: in the 4th century, the project leader was exiled five times as he opposed the burning of the original texts, as translators colluded to rewrite them. I always say one has to have a very strong OT foundation so that the discovery of discrepancies don’t make anyone lose faith. I live among Muslims, they know the Bible very well, especially where its errors are concerned. I have seen three people deny Christ after the cover-ups were exposed. It is really for the mature believer to find the real truth so as to be unshakeable.

          11. Stacey Lynn (Post author)

            Amen, especially the part about the “mature” believer searching for truth. I believe this may have been what Paul was talking about when he said that new Christians need the sincere milk of the Word, but strong meat is for those who are much more mature. That kind of Truth could choke a young believer out, just like you said.

            I don’t see the likenesses between Protestants and Catholics as being very similar at all. Of course, I’ve only ever been to few denominations, and most of them on the side farther away from Catholicism. The way they pray to Mary and others, perform angel worship, statue worship and believing that a cracker and wine quite literally turn into the flesh and blood of Jesus borders closer to Voodoo (in my own opinion, of course) than Protestant faith. Still…if you’re only talking about the fact that they have a certain way they do things, as all churches have “their own way”, then I can certainly see that similarity. I admit, I haven’t studied it out much. I know Anglican and Lutheran churches are much closer to Catholic ones.

          12. AwethentiQ

            I am more in the beliefs, things like Easter & Christmas, or Trinity. Did you know that it was a crime to celebrate Christmas in the five founding states of the US?

            Church structure before Rome was an open democracy. Now churches follow a model with one guy at the top, then a council of rulers, then members. And they have titles, something Jesus expressly forbade. That is the RC model but present in every other church I’ve ever been to.

          13. Stacey Lynn (Post author)

            Oh, I see exactly what you mean then. Yes, I know some churches that even celebrate Halloween, which is ok as long as the children dress up as something “wholesome”, saying it’s not the holiday that’s bad, but the way we teach them to celebrate it. I’ll have to disagree with that one. Same as well for Easter, which as I understand it, was taken up as a genuine holiday at the Council of Nicaea, as well as Christmas. The practice of bringing in a Christmas tree and adorning it is forbidden in Jeremiah, I believe. Maybe the tenth chapter?

            Church structure is actually something I have only recently started looking into. When Paul talks about ordaining “bishops”, I’ve often wondered if he was talking about extra church leadership, elders or something totally different. I have lots of examples noted and filed away, I just haven’t put them together yet.

          14. AwethentiQ

            Church structure: this week, it is Jimmy and Pete as bishops, next week, maybe Nate and Hennie while Jimmy and I do teaching. Never a fixed rank, but according to anointing. Jesus was at the top.

            Halloween is partucularly offensive to my culture and faith. I frankly believe it is a main reason for God withdrawing some favour from the USA. I cannot see how it could please Him.

            Yes, the Christmas tree but then every man-made idol gets rejected in Jeremiah. I didn’t check the chapter but 10 sounds right.

          15. Stacey Lynn (Post author)

            I did not know that, but thinking back on the majority of the Bible, I see that you’re right. There were many different “teachers”, depending on where they were, who they were speaking to and what it was exactly, that they had to say. Very interesting.

            About Halloween, I believe you’re right. However, we are giving God, in American right now, MANY REASONS to withdraw His favor 🙁 I pray so fervently for a real, true revival, but I admit, I wonder if we are too far gone. Still, I know God is able.

          16. AwethentiQ

            My country is no different, we have a Marxist-commumist (atheist) administration thanks to powerful first world countries that put them in power, now every form of ungodliness prevails. Christians from around the world are guilty of affording us an atheist rule. Your country and mine are in dire need of true repentant revival.

          17. AwethentiQ

            I forgot to mention Sunday worship and infant baptism. I don’t object if people do that, they just musn’t fight Rome while doing it as it is purely Roman Catholic in principle. If one wants to bash the Catholics, at least then do things differently.

          18. Stacey Lynn (Post author)

            Yes, I see exactly what you’re saying. There has actually been a great stir recently, I want to say in 2014, or maybe 2016, with Catholics having changed a word of their “rules” (for lack of a better word), saying that it was a complaint of Luther. They also say that now that they have done away with this word, there is no longer a cause for “protest”, and therefore no need for Protestant faith anymore either. I believe this change happened as early as 1999, but the Pope has been getting more church leaders and preachers to sign some kind of treaty. Again, this is something I’ve only recently even heard about, so I apologize for my lack of hard facts at the moment.

            As to worship on Sunday, didn’t Paul say that we should let no one judge us because of, among other things, the sabbaths? I asked, because I was recently very disturbed about this fact, knowing that even Jesus worshipped on the truth Sabbath, but Paul was speaking to the Gentiles, who had never worshipped as Jews did. But there had already been such controversy over circumcision, which was decided that the Gentiles need not be, that these things were sort of lumped in with it. Your thoughts on that?

          19. AwethentiQ

            Sabbath maybe also is a lifestyle, a spiritual state of resting in Jesus as He is stated to be our true Sabbath. Not an easy concept, having been raised with religiious rules & regiment. But every day I rest in Him now, it took some twenty years, longer maybe, to grow into that.

          20. Stacey Lynn (Post author)

            I see. It makes perfect sense too, seeing as he came to fulfil the law, not do away with it.

          21. AwethentiQ

            Amen to that. 🙂

          22. AwethentiQ

            Circumcision? Paul said something veeery rude about that and infant baptism is based upon circumcision.

            Martin Luther, Johannes Calvyn and Ulrich Zwingli all rejected Revelation.

            I see that Protestant churches here increasingly burn candles, observe Lent, things we never heard of before.

          23. Stacey Lynn (Post author)

            Wow. I did not know about the rejection of Revelation. It’s definitely something I’m going to be looking into more.

          24. AwethentiQ

            Imagine that from our Protestant fathers….

          25. Stacey Lynn (Post author)

            I don’t even know what “Lent” is!

          26. AwethentiQ

            Neither do I 😀 It starts with something called Ash Wednesday, I believe.

          27. Stacey Lynn (Post author)

            Lol. Wow.

          28. AwethentiQ

            We are so eeegnirint lol

          29. Stacey Lynn (Post author)

            Lol! That’s ok… if it’s not Truth, I’ll gladly remain so! 🙂

          30. AwethentiQ

            So says I. Check out the Wiki of Ash Wednesday. Gosh,there is some sacrosaint Tuesday prior….eventually, all is one long religious holiday.

          31. Stacey Lynn (Post author)

            That is just amazing to me.

          32. AwethentiQ


          33. AwethentiQ

            Babel or Babylon means “confusion.” Now read Revelation 18:4 🙂

        2. Stacey Lynn (Post author)

          Wow, very interesting…and sad. I think even among “professing” Christians, there are few who truly know Jesus as He really is, as spoken of throughout the entirety of the Bible. So many ideas that just don’t line up with the Word.


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