Musicians & Gate Keepers

1 Chronicles Chapter 25: Musician Positions

I just love the way this chapter starts! As a musician myself, I can testify to the spirit that good worship music can bring, but these that David separated for this service prophesied with their instruments. Wow… right?

In verse 1, the word for prophesy actually means to be under divine influence, and that really holds some weight, doesn’t it? In fact, this wasn’t just a group of good musicians; it was the Holy Ghost working through them! It was actually the king’s order for service to be rendered on cymbals, psalteries, and harps. I bet that was beautiful! All 288 of them!

Most of the rest of the chapter has to do with “casting lots” for each musician to find their specific duty. You see, David wasn’t about to attempt to make assignments according to HIS will, but rather to leave it in God’s Hand. It helped to keep pride from creeping in for both teacher and student, but yet gave an enormous opportunity for those, maybe, who were newer to these positions.

Chapter 26: Gatekeepers

Chapter 26 goes a lot like Chapter 25 just did, but here we see the numbers and divisions associated with the porters, also known as gatekeepers. These men didn’t just have to keep a tight reign on security in a physical sense but in a spiritual one as well. They had to assure that all those who entered into and were associated with the temple were ready to both serve and worship the One True God.

Again, David decided to let God do the picking, from small and great alike. These positions of servanthood held significant meaning in David’s day, and he knew it. That’s why these were recorded… to remind us that both practical matters and spiritual matters mean just as much, and really, they go hand in hand!

And just imagine, all these thousands of men in service to the Holy Temple! These days, it’s hard to find enough people to fill a small church just to worship, not to mention actually work, worship, prophesy, delegate, and keep the gate! I’ve always said that every single word, every “jot, and tittle” is in this book for a reason. It didn’t survive these thousands of years by sheer luck alone. No, every word is meant for our betterment as His servants.

And I’m honored and grateful INDEED to be one!

1 Chronicles

What do you think about the difference between the worship musicians of those days, or the “gatekeepers”, in comparison with our modern churches setup? It is definitely different!

1 Chronicles3

Lord Jesus, help us to be able to slow down and see the greater Truths in what appears to be the mundane in Your Word! Because, surely, there is NOTHING mundane about a single Word of Yours! Every word is so very dear to me, and I pray it is to all who call themselves by Your Name. In Jesus mighty Name, Amen.

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