My One Resolution

This year, I have one resolution that I pray permeates every thought, word and deed of my life. It’s more than just a resolution for this year though, as I want it to be my very life, who I am and what people think about when they think about me.

To serve God and let my everything be a witness for His goodness, His mercy, His Truth, His faithfulness and His love for us.

When I think about my witness for God, I often think about a story I heard one time. Or rather, a barrage of questions that seemed like a story. The author prefaced the piece with, “What if you treated your Bible like your cell phone?”

Wow! What a concept, right?

Treating Your Bible Like A Smart Phone

So what if YOU treated your Bible like your cell phone? How would it change your life?

Just think about it for a minute…

If you grabbed your Bible as your first act when getting out of bed, would it set your thought pattern for the day? You would spend the first thirty minutes or so, flipping through the pages, waiting to see if anything popped out at you, like it normally does with Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

And, like your email, what if you spent another half hour or so praying? That’s the original form of communication, to our Father?

How would your life change if you got to the car and realized you didn’t have your Bible?

If you’re treating it like your cell phone, you’d stop in your tracks! You’d head right back inside to retrieve it.

What about the various times during the day that you spend flipping through your phone? What if you spent those times in the grocery line, in the waiting room at the doctor or while stopped at a traffic light dedicating the same amount of time to reading the Word that you always give your phone throughout the day?

How about when you get home? Have you ever held up a finger to shush a parent or child, with a “Give me just a minute,” while reading the Word like you have while looking at your phone? Or have you ever thought to yourself, “Just another 5 minutes of this game and I’ll head in the kitchen to make supper,”?

Can you imagine?

Is It Even Possible?

It’s almost a crazy thought, isn’t it? That we would feel as attached to our Bibles as we normally are to our phones.

But that’s how I want to be.

I want to be so crazy about knowing what God wants for my life, that I immerse myself, throughout my whole day, with His Word and Will for my life.

How much more important is our eternal life, than whatever could possibly be in that phone? We WILL spend eternity somehow, somewhere. If I am wrong, and there is no God, no Heaven and no afterlife of which to speak, then I still will not have wasted my life, because the tenets of true Christian faith and good.

But, my God, my God, if I were to be living like there is no God and come to the end of my life to find that there IS, then there will be no end to the regret, no end to the sorrow and no end to the eternity I would spend without Him.

I’m just not willing to chance it! And I pray you don’t spend another minute taking that chance, either. Give Him your life today! Because you aren’t promised another tomorrow!


  1. I love this. I never thought of thinking of my Bible like my cell phone. It really puts things in perspective. If we hold on to God’s written word like we hold on to our friends typed words our life would be more peaceful.

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