My Son and the New Thing God Is Doing

My son

My Son Has Autism

My son decided the other day that he’d like to have his own blog. He’s watched me work from home for the past couple of years now and has really been interested in writing. Of course, it’s never been his strong point πŸ™‚ Being a high functioning autistic has hampered him in many way, and spelling, grammar and punctuation have fallen victim as well.


I got to thinking about it, after we had discussed it for a few days. He makes some really valid points when we talk. He’s funny and witty, he has a passion for life that few “normal” folks have, and he tries with all his heart to do good and help people any way that he can. Why couldn’t he have a blog?

Yes, he lacks a certain social ability. But he’s an amazing guitarist who taught himself to play Carol of the Bells without any help from anyone.

My son playing guitar

Yes, he has trouble choosing the right clothes for the weather most days. But he can play drums amazingly well for having only been playing for about two years.

Yes, his concept of money would get him ripped off in a heart beat if someone weren’t helping him. But he is so loving and forgiving, he wouldn’t even remember it the next day.

Yes. My son has autism.

My Son Has A Blog

After careful consideration, and quite a bit of discussion with him, we decided a blog wouldn’t be the worst idea he’s had. In fact, as the social person he is, it might even help him in some areas in which he has still been struggling quite a bit. And besides, he’s always wanted to help people. He says if he can help someone get through a tough day, that would make him so happy!

And so, we just launched his free WordPress blog, Nathan’s Notes, today.

Friends, I have to tell you, I have never seen this boy so ecstatic! He has already had me help him publish two posts, and there’s no telling how many more he’s written. He is currently burning the midnight oil at our dining room table, hammering away.

In fact, he asked me just a little while ago if I could help him find a way to learn to type as well as I do πŸ™‚ So I found a site that will teach him, from the ground up, all the typing basics. Of course, he’ll probably surpass my ninety some odd words per minute in a relatively short while! That’s just how he is. When he wants to learn something, he masters it.

My Son Has A Huge Heart

So far, Nathan’s Notes has gotten two followers, of which I am one, and five likes. A friend of his from church messaged and said some nice things about it, and the whole ordeal has brought him to tears. Not that he’s sad, though! No, quite the contrary! He is elated!

The idea that someone would read something that is completely his creation, and like it as well, has astounded him. It’s not that he wants to be anything special, he just wants to touch someone with his words. Maybe reach someone that needs to hear what he has to say. And so he keeps on typing and laughing and seeking my opinion as to what he should write next.

My son, my heart, my first born, is now following in my footsteps as a writer. Straight from the heart. Not holding anything back.

I think I’m gonna cry too!

My Son Has A Love For People

Earlier, when I said that he lacked certain social abilities, I wonder if you understand. It’s not that he can’t talk. I know many autistic people cannot, but he is certainly not in that number. No, he talks to a fault sometimes! When he was little, we often joked about his nonstop chatter by remarking that he would talk to a fence post all day long if it would stand still that long!

No, the social imperfections that he has are more subtle. They’re more apt to make people look at him strange or think he’s a little bit “weird”.

For instance, if I happen to be having a conversation with someone else and he has something to say to me, he just walks right up and starts talking. It’s not that heΒ means to interrupt or be rude. He just lacks the ability to read the situation and know that he should pause. It’s a social grace he has simply never mastered.

Another social grace that escapes him is how to read friendship. When he meets someone new, they immediately become his “best friend”. It’s not that he means to be intrusive. He honestly wants to be THAT MUCH of a friend, and hopes for a return of the favor.

My son just loves people!

My Son Has No Idea…

However, that love for people leaves him with no room to believe that not everyone will love him back. When I see the reality of today’s young people and the mentality they bear, it breaks my heart. For them, for my son and for all the people they hurt by not realizing that some people are different.

Here’s an example…

A few years back, after my son had graduated high school, we were eating at a local Subway. We were in line when he saw some young boys come in the door. His eyes lit up like a Christmas tree and I saw him inhale and start towards them. Like the “sometimes” overshadowing Mom I can be, I caught him by the arm and asked what he was doing. (This has happened WAAAAAY more than once.)

He said, “Mom, that’s (so and so)! We went to school together, we’re good buddies!” And before I could stop him, he threw his hand up, with an ear to ear smile and said, “Hey (so and so), man, how are ya?!”

My Son Has A Gift

The look of disgust on the faces of those boys made me want to smack the smug off each one of them. Could they not see? Did they not realize how much my son thought of them? If they had gone to school with him, surely they would know he was different for a reason.

No, they didn’t know. And I could see that if they did, they didn’t care. They drew back away from him, as if they might catch something if they strayed too close, and made their way past. I glanced at Nathan to see if he had caught on to their nastiness.

He hadn’t.

The smile had only faded a little as he dropped his arm and said, “Hmm. They must not remember me.”

That’s a sadness that grips me to the very core of my being. But, thank God, thank God, that’s a sadness that I don’t believe he will ever have to know! His gift of being able to love beyond “face value” is a gift he was blessed with from birth. I know that God has a plan for this man (did I just call my first born a “man”?!) that goes far beyond my wildest imaginations!

My Son Has A Dream

Nathan has always seen the best in people. He never complains, except to me, because I am his “safe place”, and to a precious handful of other special people. Because they are the same to him. There’s a special place in my heart for each person in our lives that truly LOVES my son. Because it’s nice to know, and be able to trust, that he has that kind of relationship with others.

I pray for him on a regular basis. He was recently saved and still has a lot of struggles in many areas. If you pray, please remember him when you pray from time to time. His dream of reaching people, spreading awareness and joy, and just being a generally happy person to everyone he meets is more real than many could ever imagine.

That’s my boy.



  1. Mary Ann

    People with Autism seem to bare a special gift.. They love, just because..and I pray no one takes advantage of his kind heart πŸ™‚

    1. Stacey Lynn (Post author)

      I’ve always thought that autistic people operate out of a different spiritual realm, at least some of the time πŸ™‚ Thank you so much for reading and stopping to comment! God bless you!

  2. bornagain732

    Aren’t we blessed! I have a set of identical twins with Down Syndrome! William also has Autism! God is SOOOO good to allow these special people in our lives!!! <3 <3 <3

    1. Stacey Lynn (Post author)

      Yes, we are SO amazingly blessed! πŸ™‚ It takes some work, but I have learned to lean into Jesus’ arms during the hard times. And the rewards are oh so sweet!


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