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I hope this morning’s post wasn’t too lengthy. I know it’s out of the scope of writing that I usually do. Of course, that post was more “sharing” than it was “writing” since I just copied most of it out of a very old book that I find interesting.

I love looking BACK, into the way things used to be, especially when it relates to spiritual history. I’ve always wondered about the gaps between the actual time of the Apostles and the culmination of the Bible in the English language. A lot of blood, sweat, and tears there, in case you didn’t know!

And so I read and bookmark, save copies, the whole nine. I just felt compelled to share this though, and maybe some more to come at some point. While it isn’t exactly what I thought, the historical aspect is incredibly interesting to me. Especially since these authors were quoting people who were actually there and going through those things in the seventeenth and eighteenth century!

So, I just wanted to pop in and share my thoughts. Not something I generally do these days, with so many other irons in the fire. It’s an enjoyment, for me, as I do love to read.

If you happen to know of any other places to read free old books in the spiritual or faith-based categories, I’d love it if you dropped a link! I currently use and Gutenberg. That’s all I know of and haven’t searched it out.

Thanks for reading! Blessings to you!


  1. Loved that rich filled with revival

    1. Author

      Oh, I’m glad you got to read it! I was going to share it with you, and we’ve been out all day. I just love the old stories of revival, and I particularly loved the way they described everything <3 I pray one day we are blessed to write of things very much the same!!

  2. Sis. Wells – can relate with your passion for reading, especially works from yesteryear.

    There is a writer/author a little more contemporary from the early 20th century – around the 1920’s that I was introduced to by another blogger. He was a minister from the NYC Presbyterian Church by the name of George A. Buttrick. Maybe people’s mind’s & heart’s were filled with less clutter and distraction of our present age, but reading his works about Jesus are enlightening and fresh in perspective.

    In particular is his book entitled: ‘The Parables of Jesus’ published in 1928.

    Here are some fantastic & memorable quotes in the book found worthy of mention:

    “Everlastingly the motive of a man’s life proclaims his worth”

    “Rewards in heaven are bestowed for handicaps overcome, as well as goals achieved”

    “Heaven bends low to the soul that feels its need”

    “By his cross He has bound all into a worldwide brotherhood and set on each the seal of preciousness”

    “Only deep can call to deep. Only love can quicken love; and love is its own best evidence”

    “Jesus confronts us what has been called the indifference of God to anything less than the best there is in man – the determination of Heaven not to hear what we are not determined that Heaven shall hear”

    I believe the last one is Buttrick, but the quote was written years ago & is powerful.

    Again, it is refreshing to read what other’s of faith have written in years gone by as they bring new insights & perspectives to us (as you did in your post).


    1. Author

      Bro. David, I can’t tell you how this comment blesses me today! I am definitely going to look up this book, and this author, and add it to my collection! Thank you so much for sharing that! And thank you for letting me know that you did enjoy it. I absolutely love that “old-timey” perspective, the zeal that those preachers had for sharing the Word of the Lord, and the fervor with which they wrote and tried to portray the really important things! If only I could only write half as well 🙂 God willing! Again, thank you so much for stopping by, for reading, and for commenting. God bless you!

  3. You are welcome. Found the book through Amazon and was only $7-$8 w/shipping. Actually bought
    3 of them and gave 2 away. Yes, those men/women of old had a zeal and fire for God that is both inspiring
    and provoking. Revive us Jesus!

    1. Author

      That sounds awesome <3 I think I will buy extras as well :-)

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