If you’re trying to decide whether carpet or hardwood flooring is best for your home, we know you have questions. And the answers to those questions could give you the direction you need.

The good news is that it’s easier to choose than you might think. We look forward to helping you every step of the way as you shop and consider.

Making the best decisions

We understand that your needs take precedence over everything else when it’s time to shop for your flooring. Here are three helpful tips to help you pick one or the other for your upcoming remodel.

  1. Think about durability – Hardwood is known for impeccable durability, especially in homes with pets and children, resisting scratches and dents when you choose the right options. But carpet also comes with the choice to add built-in stain and odor protection, giving you outstanding wear resistance in even your busiest spaces.
  2. Think about decor matching – It’s important to choose a material, color, style, and format that genuinely offers a stunning decor match. Both of these floors offer benefits, including the timeless elegance of hardwood and the gorgeous variety of carpet fibers.
  3. Think about ease of installation – Both materials can take extra time for installation, as both require special tools and technician expertise. However, you may wait longer on hardwood installation because it requires acclimation, which can take one to three days to complete.

Comfort or visual appeal?

Another consideration is your desire for comfort and softness, especially in rooms like living rooms and bedrooms. If you have children or elderly persons in your home, softer is always better.

If you opt for hardwood flooring, a few area rugs can do the trick, offering comfort, protection, and added warmth. But carpet provides this benefit all day, every day.

Let us help you choose

You’ll find we have a reputation for quality design and service, with quality as our mission. We have been building custom homes and sunrooms for the past 30 years.

When you’re ready to choose your best floor covering, contact us for the personalized service you deserve. Visit us to find out more and start your remodel today!

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