One of the biggest complaints homeowners have about their bathrooms is that they are often too dark and shadowy, causing the space to not only look smaller but also make it harder to accomplish tasks that genuinely need more illumination. While cabinet and vanity lighting does help create a certain degree of light, adding some appropriately placed fixtures can make a huge difference. Here is some information that could help you plan a remodel that utilizes your bathroom space better than ever before.

Bathroom Activities Demand Proper Illumination

Our bathroom is one of the most-used rooms in our home, seeing multiple visits throughout the day. It’s also versatile in the activities that go on there, such as getting ready for the day, freshening up, and creating our bedtime routine. Each activity requires a certain amount of light for the best outcome. For instance, shaving, hair styling, and makeup application all turn out better when the area is properly lit.

If you only have a few lights overhead or surrounding your vanity mirror, you may miss many opportunities. Consider these options for your own bathroom remodel, which could have outstanding results when the project is finished.

Creating Shadows Makes a Room Light Deficient

 There are plenty of structures in your bathroom that can create shadows and make it harder to utilize the light you have in place already. Cabinets, vanities, shower curtains, and large decor pieces can all work to stifle out light where it is often most necessary. That’s why we work to help you banish the shadows, replacing them with well-lit areas that are easier to see and make your space look a little larger at the same time.

In addition to having less light than you might prefer, dark corners can often make this already small space appear even smaller. It also makes cleaning a more tedious task, hiding scuff marks, spider webs, and other unsightly blemishes that are left to grow in the dark. So what can you do about these shadows? We’re glad you asked!

Consider Adding an Overhead Shower Light

One of the least utilized spaces for lighting is the area above the shower. In reality, this might be one of the places where it is needed the most. If you’ve ever found yourself wishing for a brighter experience for your morning or evening shower, it’s worth considering the addition of a fixture or two that could change everything about the area.

One of the most important pieces of information for choosing a great light fixture is knowing the difference between damp-rated and wet-rated fixtures. A damp-rated fixture is used where moisture is likely to occur, but direct water contact is not expected. On the other hand, a wet-rated fixture is expected to come in direct contact with water and safely handle the situation.

In order to create the best possible experience, consider all your options, including direct or indirect lighting, wall fixtures, niche lighting, and bulb temperature, for results you’ll love for years to come. If you aren’t sure what’s best for your shower, our associates will be happy to help you choose the right options based on your preferences and requirements. The result will be everything you want and need, so bring your needs and most important questions.

The Benefit of Wall Sconces

Wall sconces can be a great way to add light on either side of obstructive room pieces, such as over the toilet shelving, large vanities, and open-face wall cabinetry. You’ll find great variety in this product line, including flush mount, lantern, candle, and swing arm sconces, just to name a few of the many possible and available options. You’ll also find different sizes and shapes, each offering specific attributes and benefits, making one a better choice for your requirements than all the others.

When you only need to light up a specific area, as opposed to an entire room, wall sconces are a perfect option. That means you can save energy by reserving light only for areas that need it, such as vanities, showers, and cabinetry. Consider your space, as well as areas where you might need more light, and be sure to let us know about your decisions.

Additional Considerations for Your Bathroom Light Fixtures

When it comes to creating the perfect experience for bathroom lighting, you should always cater to your specific preferences, but there are a few other things to think about as well. For instance, you will want to consider whether you want incandescent bulbs or LED lighting and which wattage rating is needed in specific locations. Be sure to sample the lighting to see if it looks how you expect it to, so you aren’t disappointed with the results you didn’t expect.

One of the most overlooked considerations for bathroom lighting, especially near the vanity, is whether the lights should point upward or downward. Positioning a light fixture upward provides more ambient light, while a downward-pointed fixture is better when task-oriented lighting is necessary. It can also be important to remember that downward-facing lights often produce more shadows, especially with specific colors, so be sure to ask about the results you are looking for specifically.

Finally, don’t forget to consider all your glass styles, especially for vanity and wall sconce lighting. You’ll have options including clear, frosted, hammered, etched, and alabaster glass, all of which offer a little something different. We can help you choose the right option by demonstrating each option to tell you what to expect when these pieces are installed in your home.

We Will Help You Choose the Perfect Bathroom Light Fixtures

We are a decorative lighting company that proudly offers high-quality products backed by integrity, trust, and dedicated customer care. You can find out the difference we can make for your various lighting needs by contacting us today. We look forward to helping you find the perfect bathroom lighting fixtures, so be sure to let us know exactly what you’re looking for to get your remodel underway right away.

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