There’s never been a better time to choose carpet for your floors. Whether residential or commercial, this material brings a classical elegance you can’t help but fall in love with. But what makes them so special? We’re glad you asked!

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Below are just a few of the many reasons why carpet simply works. Softer than hardwood and more comfortable than tile, these floors have their own niche, and it might be one you’ll remain loyal to for years to come. 

So let’s go ahead and take a look at those great reasons to choose a carpet for your floors.

  1. Carpet is the softest flooring available. There’s no doubt about it. As the only soft-surface flooring on the market, these floors are inviting, comfortable, and luxurious. This softness makes it perfect for children’s rooms or any space they will be on the floor for playtime.
  2. Carpet is now more durable than ever before. Over the years, manufacturers have listened to customers ask for flooring that is harder to stain and easier to clean. Be sure to ask about brands with built-in stain protection to ensure you never have to worry about stains. You’ll find that your floors are even easier to clean.
  3. Carpet reduces the noise levels in your home. If you have children or teens, you probably know how noisy things can get from time to time. Carpeting brings great calm into your home, especially between floors, for the peace and quiet you’ve always wanted.
  4. Carpet keeps your home warmer. This floor covering is a great way to keep warm when the weather turns colder. It works like another layer of insulation, doubled by the underpadding beneath. You’ll see this benefit reflected on your energy bills shortly after installing your carpet.
  5. Carpet is a safe and stable surface for children and the elderly. A carpet is an excellent surface on which to start for children just learning to walk. It reduces slipping, especially in sock feet. For the elderly, this surface prevents walking aids from slipping away from them, which can result in a fall. In either case, they will be far less injurious if falls happen.

Now that you know what you can expect from the carpet in your home, why not contact us immediately to get your own flooring project started? Our associates are standing by, and we look forward to earning your business!

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