Natural stone seems always to be trending, with earthy tones, excellent performance, and a virtually unrivaled lifespan. It has always been a go-to material for kitchens and bathrooms, but this is a product that can allow you to think outside of the box with stunning results.

A word about granite and marble

Granite is an exceptional natural stone product that not only provides impeccable visual appeal but also a lifespan that saves you a great deal of money over time. The material is perfectly flat, bacteria-resistant, and adds great value to your home.

Marble provides an appearance that looks exquisitely expensive, but it can actually be more affordable than some other natural stone products. It is durable, hard-wearing, and works as a great insulator, especially around fireplaces.

Natural stone fireplaces

Nothing beats natural stone for your fireplace, and there are several ways to put this product to work for yours. Consider granite or marble for your fireplace surround, hearth, or mantle, especially in high-profile or formal areas.

Natural stone flooring

When you choose a material such as granite or marble for your floors, you choose durability, lifespan, and stunning decor matching that will last well over 100 years with proper maintenance. Each material offers the tile option, giving you a luxurious appearance that can affect ambiance and mood as well as your interior design.

Natural stone bar tops

If you have an area set aside for entertainment and social gathering and need a quality bar top, both marble, and granite will give you results that are well worth your while. Even in this space where spills and excessive wear can be a regular occurrence, you will find these materials perform very well, especially over time.

We can help take natural stone out of the kitchen

BC Stone understands your desire to create a more artistic living space, especially with natural products like natural stone. We can help you create exceptional spaces that will last for many years, so be sure to contact or visit us at your convenience for outstanding results.

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