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Is Awareness a Trend?

I’ve noticed a trend lately, especially among non-profit sectors. It’s these organizations that stand for a specific cause or need. And there’s so much rhetoric about “raising awareness” and “creating dialogue” and so forth. On the same note, there is so little that actually gets done, if anything at all.

Thing is, they’re causes that need to have something DONE, actually creating a purpose driven action that accumulates results.

Don’t get me wrong, please. I know that to do anything, there must first be an awareness of the problem. I probably know that just from lessons learned the hard way, to be honest. But even the Bible says: For in much wisdom is much grief: and he that increaseth knowledge increaseth sorrow. Ecclesiastes 1:18

If we only have “awareness” of a problem, it DOES leave me with a whole lot of grief and sorrow! Just knowing about and being aware of a problem isn’t the way to fix it.

Some Examples

Take bullies in school, for instance. There have been many movements and campaigns that have risen up to try to combat the problem. But there are as many more bullied children committing suicide now than before the whole thing got so much awareness! Just as many teenagers that are deep in the throes of depression and anxiety, just as many girls that see no worth in themselves at all, just as many boys who think they’ll never be man enough or good enough…

And this is our future! How long does it take for something that’s not working to be stopped, traded in for something new, something that might actually work? Is anybody even giving any thought to it, or is it that people aren’t listening to the ones who HAVE thought about and have new ideas?

And it’s just an example. How many more causes have we been made aware of, and yet they are as much a problem now as they ever were? How many causes are there in relation to the outcome-based success stories?

Doing Something

How long before we realize that it is time to DO something and stop wasting so much breath creating a dialogue? If the dialogue leads to action that gets something done, BRAVO! That, my friends, is success! If the rhetoric changes lives, then we have arrived! If just one person takes the first step, what would see then?

Again, in the Bible, in the book of James, we find that it says: But wilt thou know, O vain man, that faith without works is dead? James 2:20 Leaving a thing at only knowing about it is a completely dead work.

There are a lot of things in this world today that need some real action to be changed. The awareness is already there. I could spend the rest of the night writing the type of post that would call them all out by name. But we each have a cause that means something to us. One that’s so near and dear to our heart that it almost brings us to tears to even sit and contemplate it.

May I just ask you today: Is there anything that you can DO about something you feel vehemently about?

In reality, there may not be. A lot of the things that absolutely hurt my heart are things I’m too little and insignificant to change. But if there’s ever a way in front of me that will allow me to move on something that means that much to me, then I will.

And so should you.

As always, I appreciate your stopping by and hope that you do so again. Be blessed!



    “Depression” happens only when we are outside God’s will. A change of attitude cures it instantly. There are hurting people out there needing to be comforted without being labeled with a disorder. The moment we accept our feeling a bit down as a thing with a name, it becomes part of our identity. Read my post of about two months ago on this. Every second young person is doing self-mutilation because their feelings get suppressed, because the are told they are their disorders. Bullying is part of the natural pecking order process. Too many counselors make money, too many parents want to protect their young against hardship. When real hardship comes, they get blown over like soft grass. My wife and I had gone through more hardship per year, since 1987, than most more comfortable people will in a lifetime. We had it every year. Had we been shielded as children, we never would have made it. It made us tough and resilient so that we survived. One of my bullies, who plagiarised my poetry, committed suicide over something trivial in 2010/2011. We knew to fight and not accept being homeless as an excuse to sit begging on a park bench. Toward His return, things will only get worse, so prepare your children by letting them gym in that place called life. Joel Osteen or Rick Warren won’t bail you out, Dr Phil is only on TV. While that cute little boy Ellen is raving in the studio, life is raging outside. Life will happen. We need to learn to just live it. Right now, no food here. Our only Christian friend here have bullied us while dropping some food she won’t eat. Said bad things to us while helping us, bullied us in many ways. So we let her go. It means we suffer more but have more peace. It teaches us how to survive. No need for campaigns. 😊

    1. Stacey Lynn

      Well it could be, then, that this is the “action” it will take to see some change in this area. I was also bullied as a child and I most assuredly was not shielded from it. Quite the contrary. My father was a Golden Gloves boxer who trained in Chicago and throughout Ohio and he was vicious. I was taught NEVER to start a fight, but if someone hit me, I was also not to come back looking worse than they did. Thank God I wasn’t hit often 🙂


        That’s the recipe: don’t start it and don’t lose it. I won many, started one. I lost the one I started – in front of about a hundred school hostel girls. Served me right!

        1. Stacey Lynn

          🙂 I’m sure that’s how it would have gone for me, hahahaha.

          1. AWETHENTIQ

            My ego fractured in seventeen places. Not good for a 12-year old boy trying to show off how tough he was. And a hundred angels as jeer leaders.

          2. Stacey Lynn

            Awww, oh no…

          3. AWETHENTIQ

            The lesson: do not bully, do not start a fight, do not try to show how tough you are, do not seek an audience, kill that pride……and more. Expensive, painful education. Soon after, an 18-year old came at me with his purple belt in judo and I threw him so hard, his collar bone broke. That was in self-defense, still at age twelve.

  2. secondtymblogger

    What you said is true. There is a lot of ‘saying’ and very less of ‘doing’ going on in the world.


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