Revelation Concerning “These Twelve”

There’s no pomp and circumstance to this blog post. All I know is that I found it in my Bible study notes from nearly two months ago to the day. And suddenly, there was an urgency to share my thoughts on “these twelve”.

I am marking those notes down here, verbatim. Just as I wrote them when God gave it to me. My prayer is that it helps someone to see what He was trying to show me

That God may no longer be here “in the flesh”… but rather, He resides WITH US, IN US, and works THROUGH US. So that we can accomplish those things He intended for us to accomplish.

We MUST get hold of who we are!

These Twelve…

While reading Matthew Chapter 10, verses 1-8, I began to question some things. For instance, during Jesus’ commission to THE TWELVE, He named them by name (vs 2-4). Verses 7-8 say to GO, preach that the Kingdom of heaven is at hand.

  • Heal the sick (not pray for them to BE healed)
  • Cleanse the lepers (not pray that they would BE cleansed)
  • Raise the dead (not pray that they would LIVE)
  • Cast out devils (not pray that they would BE free)

I began to question how that could possibly be relevant for US. What could it mean for us, now, all these years later? Especially when there is this verse saying that He sent “these 12” out by name.

Then, without my even asking, God gave me a stark revelation: Jesus walked with these 12. He taught them, up close and personal, He ate with them, He studied with them in the temple, traveled with them… He was always with them. Of COURSE He had to send them out by name… He had not yet died and made Himself the sacrifice for all sin that would wholly cleanse them and give them bold access to the Holy of Holies.

There Must Be Order

In the Old Testament times, the people could only do what the priest told them to do after having received instruction from God. Remember when Jesus healed the leper, but told him to go and show himself to the priest and offer sacrifices that were fitting of a cleansing? Even as God in the flesh, He had to follow the “order” because His work was not finished.

On the cross, however, it WAS and He even said so Himself. It is finished.

Paul said that we should walk in Christ Jesus. Since Jesus completed the sacrifice, fulfilled the law, and 50 days after the resurrection, poured out the Baptism of the Holy Ghost, He had ultimately transferred to us all that He gave the disciples with His presence.

There are More of Us Now…

If we have been filled with the Holy Ghost, with the evidence of speaking in tongues, HE IS WITH US. There aren’t just “twelve” anymore.

  • He walks with us.
  • And He teaches us.
  • He comforts and guides us.
  • He is with us everywhere we go.

In essence, we ARE His disciples now. But we are able to walk in even more power than they did then. We are the TEMPLE of the Holy Ghost! He lives INSIDE of us!

What will we do with that?

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