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Was That My Imagination or the Holy Spirit?

roaring lion

Maybe it was my imagination. Or maybe with was the Holy Spirit getting my attention in a way He knew I wouldn’t be able to mistake. I choose to believe it was the latter. Even though it’s still hard to believe it even happened at all!

Sometimes We Slip…Sometimes We Fall

sometimes we fall

It’s hard sometimes to know exactly what to expect. Life can be hard. It can be rude, mean, relentless and unyielding. Those are facts. Whoever said life’s not fair definitely hit the nail on the head. But is that the end of the story? Praise the Living God, it certainly is NOT!

Is Jesus Dead In Vain? And Is It Because of Me?

Jesus dead in vain?

When the rubber really meets the road, it’s all about Jesus. Has been ever since he was raised from the dead and ascended into the heavens. Ever since the Holy Ghost fell and Peter preached to thousands, and 3,000 got saved right off the bat.

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