The Christian Cake Maker and the Gay Couple

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I don’t normally post nor promote politically affiliated pieces. As a “recovered” politically minded person, I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy to BE politically minded, frankly. I am of the frame of mind that Jesus is my King, the Creator of the entire universe and everything is under HIS discretion. Closely following politics and the hack stories they come up with to promote their agenda is a ride I no longer wish to get on, for any reason.

Having said that, I came across this piece, quite by accident the other day, on Twitter and it made perfect sense to me. As far as the media outcry was concerned, it was all about “services not rendered”…

Which Side Is Right?

The liberal side screamed that the baker refused service to a couple based on their sexual orientation…and that’s WRONG!

The conservative side screamed that the man had every right to refuse service to a couple based on their sexual orientation…and that’s WRONG!

Both sides were shouting about the issue from their respective point of view. Who could expect anything less? As human beings, that’s what we’re hard wired to do. However, both sides neglected to see the truth of the matter. The fact was, the baker never refused SERVICE to anyone, based on anything. So what did he do?

Simply stated, he refused to create a special cake, with special attributes for a gay wedding, something he, the baker, did not believe in. As it so happens, that’s just fine.Β Or it should be. I mean, you wouldn’t walk into a grocery store that was run by a Muslim and demand they carry pork, would you? Why, people would lose their minds that such an offense could possibly take place on American soil! How dare a non-Muslim demand something from a Muslim that is clearly out of line with their deeply ingrained and long-held religious beliefs!


Oh. But wait a minute. That’s exactly what that couple asked that Christian baker to do. They didn’t purchase a cake that the baker had already baked, as that would have been just fine. They didn’t ask for an order of cupcakes or anything he had already created. No, they pointedly asked for something that pushed their beliefs in the face of the baker. In fact, until they asked for their own special cake, their sexuality played no role in the transaction whatsoever. So it couldn’t have been about that.

It was almost like it was on purpose.

Still, as it should so happen, there are other things this same baker has refused to bake cakes for in the past. And, of course, it’s his right. It’s his business. Pretty sure he wasn’t the only baker in that city. I’ll leave you to read the details about that in the post. You can get there by clicking the link below.

Source: WALSH: The Huge, Absurd Lie That Liberals Are Telling About The Masterpiece Cakeshop Case | Daily Wire


  1. Mary Jane

    Great post! Good for you for writing it. I like your analogy about the Muslin and the pork.

    1. Stacey Lynn (Post author)

      To God be the glory. Thank you, Mary Jane, for stopping by πŸ™‚ Do come again!


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