I can’t pinpoint an exact time and date that I started to realize that we were under serious, and very POINTED, attack. Somewhere in that the last few months, we started having SO MANY ISSUES.

For instance, our transportation has given us so many problems, it’s almost like a movie. I mean, really! The things that happened couldn’t just happen. I mean, they could, but what are the chances?

Here is just a small snippet of our troubles over the past few weeks and months.

Power Steering Pump

One weekend, on the way to a camping trip, our power steering went out. Upon investigation, we saw that the fluid was leaking out through the shaft on the pump. Once we were back home, we bought the new pump and it was such an extensive job, it took four days to take the old one off and get the new one back on. Not a job I’d wish on an enemy!

Steering Rack

As soon as we got the new pump on, got it filled with fluid, and started it up, we found another massive leak. (Mind you, there was NO TIME between the two!) Upon further investigation, and after two days of research with no vehicle, we found it was the steering rack. Now, to say that this was a MASSIVE UNDERTAKING is an understatement. This job took an additional nine days.

High-Pressure Line

Finally, with the help of a church brother and several others, we got the steering rack back in place. So we filled it again and started it up. IMMEDIATELY the high-pressure line to the power steering system blew out. UNBELIEVABLE! So, once again, another trip to town, more parts bought, and this was a much shorter job.

Brake Booster

As soon as that whole ordeal was over, the VERY NEXT DAY, our brake booster went out! (Can you believe this? Well, we’re not done!) We didn’t actually lose our brakes, but you almost had to stand up on the pedal to stop the van. Dangerous.

So… we went and got the brake booster. We came back and put it on. Another two days. But of course, that wasn’t the end of it.

Brake Light Switch

By the time we got the brake booster put in, tested, and everything cleaned up, suddenly the brake lights came on and would NOT go out. Upon further investigation, the brake light switch under the brake pedal had mysteriously broken. Now, keep in mind, we hadn’t even DRIVEN THE THING YET!

Luckily, we have another van just like it in the driveway, so that was a quick fix. And THEN you know what happened??

Coolant Line

Just AS SOON AS we got the brake switch in, and made sure it was working, we started it up and water starts running from underneath the van like a miniature river! I was literally on the verge of tears at this point.

We didn’t find out until the next day that a coolant line had literally disintegrated. And not one of the rubber ones up top either. No, no, this one had to be one of the metal ones that runs underneath the van. Not anywhere near where we were working on the brake booster. There was absolutely no way anything we did could have caused it. Just like everything else, it just broke down.

Even as I write this, we STILL haven’t gotten that leak fixed because, after all we’ve been through in such a short period of time, we just don’t have the money for the part!! NOR do we have the knowledge about how to put it in! And if we don’t have either of those, we certainly can’t take it to a shop right now.

When You’re Down To Nothing…

There’s that old saying that when you’re down to nothing, God is up to something!

One thing was obvious. We were under attack! After seeking wise counsel, and getting prayed for, a new picture began to come together. It was obvious there is something so amazing on the horizon, the devil is going to do anything to stop it.


Stay tuned to find out what that “something amazing” is. Because we don’t even know yet!

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