The Dream Ascent

I don’t usually post a lot of personal stuff. I wonder sometimes if that’s good or bad, lol. But I had this dream last night that was so VIVID and so COLORFUL that the more I thought about it, the more it seemed like I should record it. Just for posterity’s sake.

In the dream, I had to travel to the top of a VERY high mountain for some reason or another. Now, in real life, I am seriously afraid of heights. Not heights like climbing a ladder or anything like that. I’m talking about heights like mountain cliffs, airplanes, that sort of thing.

The climb itself was very scary in this dream because on one side of this tiny dirt road was the mountain cliff. On the other side was nothing but a steep drop to the depths beneath that only got deeper and deeper as I climbed higher.

Once I was at the top, the ground leveled off to a fantastic plateau, covered in the greenest grass. Even in my dream, I could feel my heart racing in fear, just from being up that high. You know, the kind of fear that makes your muscles feel as cold as ice?

I knew that (for some reason, unknown to me) I had to look off the edge, so I got down and belly crawled over to it. What I saw was both breathtakingly beautiful and hellishly scary at the same time! The entire valley below was lush with green grass and trees, with a single, tiny village located there. From where I was, it only seemed big enough to fit in the palm of my hand!

Just over the ridge, behind the village, was a low lying fog, but then I focused my eyes straight down. It was so far! And as the wind whipped my hair around my face I began to cry because I could only think ONE THING: that if someone were to jump or fall off of that cliff, they would have an awfully long time to think about the fact they were mere seconds away from the finality of death.

Why was that the thought that came to my mind? I still don’t know! But I wept and wept, in my dream, as I belly crawled backward, away from the edge. Too afraid to stand up for fear that I might be blown off the edge myself.

But then, a new thought hit me. That’s just how this life is, in a manner of speaking! We are all plummeting towards nothing less than certain death. Every second of every minute of every hour of every day. I don’t say that in a “doomsday” fashion because it is simply the truth. One day, we will all face death if we are not taken in the rapture.

But I cannot imagine making THAT descent and NOT KNOWING Jesus!!

If you don’t know Him today, please don’t take another day for granted. Search for Him. He is easier to find than you think! Right there… in the pages of your Bible! If you don’t have one, download an app, download a .pdf file from the internet. But by all means, find him before you reach the bottom of this life.

I love you, whoever you are! And I pray that all who read this will know Him intimately as the One True God who died for us all.


  1. That was an amazing, scary and yet, sobering, ,dream, Stacey! I pray someone reading this before it’s too late! We will all spend eternity somewhere.

    1. Author

      Amen, Renee! I was absolutely shaken to the core, long after I woke up! I hope the same… I don’t believe God wastes a single minute of our lives, even when we are asleep <3

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