Satan has upped his outreach efforts by monumental leaps and bounds, stepping into every arena that affects life in every way for every human. INCLUDING churches.

I am appalled on a daily basis at the blatant evil that is constantly portrayed as “normal” for a generation that doesn’t even know any better. And grownups that won’t speak the Truth, even if they know it.

Arguing has to stop. Division and separation have to stop. It absolutely breaks my heart to pieces to see how some will counsel others that it’s OKAY to live in sin and expect salvation at the end of this race! And then ARGUE the point as if it’s true!

No, there’s no point in argument or debate. The Word says the God of this world blinds the eyes of the lost (2 Corinthians 4:4). And that some who preach and teach (doesn’t have to be from behind a pulpit) will be turned away by Jesus Himself (Matthew 7, Luke 13). We don’t have to focus on it, but we DO have a mandate from the Scriptures to warn others that hell is very real. And the Word says it enlarges itself (Isaiah 5:14)!

Please… pleasepleasepleaseplease… before you share information on how easy it is to LIVE in sin, yet still reach Heaven… study and rightly divide the Word for yourself (2 Timothy 2:15) after you’ve laid aside any denominational blinders! Why risk having blood on your hands, as the Word says, if you refuse to warn someone they’re in a dangerous place, toying with sin (Ezekiel 3)? What if Jesus comes back while they’re in the MIDST of that sin?

Consider this… the prophets of old, the high priests, the scribes, the Pharisees, right down to the common man, when Jesus started His ministry, they thought He was here to crush Rome. Even the disciples asked about it right before His ascension (Acts 1:6)! You can hide behind theology, apologetics, and hermeneutics if you want to, but it won’t change the Truth. If even the disciples got it wrong a time or two, don’t you think there’s a chance one or more “traditions of men” might have it wrong too?

Even with the written prophecies in their hands, they saw what they wanted to see. Let’s not raise a generation to do the same when evil is rampant.

We need a generation that isn’t afraid to stand firm, Ephesians 6 style, and help teach against sin so vile we don’t even know how to talk about it!

Reaching the hem of His garment is the only way we can protect our children and families. We should be so steadfast in our obedience to God that no demon in hell, no denominational theology – very often one and the same – can deceive us!

The WORD is infallible. Period. If you see discrepancies in the Word, SEEK GOD! Holiness has always been the answer, but if we’re so unwilling to receive the Truth, well… that’s on us.

Jesus, save us from this untoward generation.

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  1. Excellent discussion Sister! A recent publication by a well-seasoned minister of truth recently wrote a piece entitled ‘Contending For The Faith’.

    In his writings he made a sobering statement: “Remember the number 8”. Eight souls were saved on the ark Noah built. All the rest of humanity was lost. God is not interested in numbers. God is solely bound by His Word & His Truth!

    Good to see your new post. Blessings!

    1. Thank you, Brother David, it’s good to be back! 🙂 I’ve had a phrase ringing in my ears for some time now, and that is that “I can only speak those things which I have seen and heard,” praise God, and I’m going to do it! The number 8… that IS a sobering statement! I’ll never forget that now, lol. It’s funny how many Bible Truths we “know,” but when we stop to really absorb and digest their meaning, it nearly knocks the breath out of us! And it seems to happen more and more these days. I’m so glad we have each other… brothers and sister to encourage, uplift, and pray. What an honor to be HIS.

      By the way, would I be able to search out that piece you speak of, “Contending for the Faith,” by name? I’d love to read it if it’s available.

      Be blessed!

  2. I’d be happy to send it to you. I received it via email. If you don’t have a publicly available email address, you can send me one through the contact page on my website & I’ll get it to you. Thanks!

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