Thankful Thinking

The roof over our heads. A warm bed to sleep in. Food on the table, as well as our loving families and all that goes with them. So far this month, I have surely made my thanksgiving known to God for all these things and more. But I have edged over into other areas of thankfulness as well. And over the past couple of years, I’ve written about them already…

So today, I’d just like to share a few old posts that deal with some of the things I’m thankful for in my own life. Maybe you’ll share that thankfulness? If so, I pray one of these posts blesses you!

Thankful For Shelter…

Over the past several years, I have had my fair share of spiritual battles. Many of them were self-made, I have readily admitted time and time again. However, sometimes, it’s like you’re wearing a bullseye for the enemy to aim at! In fact, there were a few times I was sure he was going to take me out. In the article below, you’ll find out why I’m so thankful that God is always our shield and buckler, and what we can do when the enemy attacks:

When The Enemy Attacks, What Do You Do?

Thankfulness For Prayer…

Another thing I’ve learned over the past few years is the amazing, unmistakable, and undeniable POWER of PRAYER. I have seen prayer change things that no human voice or work could hold a candle to. Things I’d seen people pray about for years, coming to pass, and the joy that ensued. At the same time, there are still things I pray fervently for, in tears at the altar, and still must patiently wait for the Master’s good timing. I wrote the following blog post to give you some tips on creating a prayer strategy that can really work for you:

Creating A Winning War Room Strategy

Thankful for Life…

Suicide is an issue that almost every family around the globe has had to deal with, and it seems those that take their own lives are getting younger and younger. I struggled with suicidal thoughts – and a couple of attempts – myself in the past, and I addressed it in the blog post below. Although it may not strike a chord with everyone who reads it, I wrote it in a very different tone than anything else you’ll find on my blog. For those who might currently be struggling, I pray God reaches you as you read:

Hey You!

Thankful for God’s Mercy…

There’s a kind of a quote-thing, sometimes used as a “meme”, that often circulates on social media. Though it comes in slightly different wording from time to time, it says something to the effect of, “He’s a ‘No Matter How Far You’ve Gone, Just Come Home” Kind of God”. And I have to say, that is SO true. Having been “saved” early in life, then splitting hell wide open through my young adult life, I finally came back to those Arms that were always open to me. If you are currently in a prodigal state, I hope that you will be blessed to hear His call when you read:

Are You Ready To Come Home?

Be Blessed!

Thank you for reading along and visiting my website, if you did so. If you enjoy something there or find THIS post to be of benefit, please feel free to share. God bless you, and have a joyous and thankful Thanksgiving!

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