Two Against One: A Video Teaching

Ok… I’ve put off my YouTube channel long enough! There are still some major changes coming that I invite you to help me pray about. That will turn over when we have the big blog ReLaunch on October 1!

New name, new focus, new content. For the YouTube channel, that means a new name, new focus, new content… but also a new set. Hopefully, it will be a move forward, even though I don’t have all the equipment I need yet.

I will simply move out in faith and I know God will handle the rest!

Please feel free to comment, sub, share… whatever you feel led to do, I will appreciate greatly.

And most importantly… this is NOT about me. It never has been. If I can shine a light on my precious savior, Jesus, then I will have done EXACTLY what I set out to do, praise God.

I pray you are blessed. Have a great day!


  1. Very interesting subject. As a great man of God once remarked: “If we could see the spiritual dimension with our natural eyes, we would be totally blown away”.

    It’s also been said that for every demon, we have 2 angels PLUS God!


    1. Author

      Wow! I love both those sayings! The first, I have pondered MANY TIMES on my own, and have heard from others as well. The second just blows my mind… two angels PLUS God! Of course! 🙂 Why I didn’t go so far as to speak that Truth too, well, I don’t know. But I certainly appreciate your watching and commenting. Thank you and God bless you!

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