Urgent Prayer Requests…

Just a quick post, if any of my prayer warrior friends are up to it. I have a few prayer requests that are especially pressing.

  • My Mom – Her name is Jill, she is 80 years old, and she is currently in the hospital with double pneumonia after suffering a crucial drop in her oxygen level. She has sustained lung damage from a rare lung disorder known as histoplasmosis, so she is especially fragile. She has also had to deal with the recent passing of my Dad on August 14, and not being able to return to her own home, like she wanted to do so much. She just wasn’t physically able to be there alone.
  • A baby boy named Stryker – Stryker has Wolman’s Disease and is currently in the hospital and not doing very well. On top of this disease, he is also struggling with rhinovirus and a blood infection. He has a feeding tube as well, and with everything together, he desperately needs a touch from Jesus! Also, remember his parents, Sara and Derek.

I appreciate your taking these names before the Throne! Also, if you have prayer requests, please feel free to leave them in the comment section. It is my great honor to pray for you too.


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