What we NEED is a Revival!!

I will say upfront, I do NOT post a lot of things with any inclination at all towards politics. What used to be “Land of the free & Home of the brave” has become “Land of ME, and Home of the DEPRAVED” and it’s sad.

SO… with the first line of this blog out of the way, I do pray that you will read it though, because the blog post, in general, has nothing to do with Trump.

How Can We Settle?

Tell me, how can we settle for the way things are? How many more catastrophes are we going to have to live through before people see the need for truth prayer and repentance… because THOSE are the things that revivals are made of!

Think about the landscape of America 100 years ago.

Now think about today. No, not the part you’ve been shocked into accepting as normal. The real, nasty, sinful, soul-damning EVIL that we pass off as “personal choice”, “lifestyle”, “that’s-just-way-things are” rhetoric that leaves us prone to what comes through the door we’ve left open to sin. How dare we take another step without falling on our faces in repentance to the One True God who created Heaven and earth?!

It Doesn’t Have To End This Way

As long as there is breath in our body, we have the opportunity to change things. Until our country is given over to a fate like that of Sodom and Gomorrah, we can pray.

WE cannot be accepting of the sin in this country, because GOD doesn’t accept it! Does that mean we throw the baby out with the dishwater?

Not even close!

We are to BE the light and to BE the salt, so that those lost in utter darkness can see to find their way to something better. Jesus didn’t come for those that were well, he said, because it’s the sick that need a doctor.

Friend, He’s coming back! And if we are not prepared when He gets here, it will THEN be too late! It sounds like a “gloom and doom” message, but it’s not! It’s one of hope, of love, of an eternity we were destined for! Please read the link and then watch this awesome video.

Source: EVEN WITH | Mario Murillo Ministries


  1. I love history. And that is where politics go to haunt the future. Even the Bible discusses a fair bit of current politics….

        1. Author

          I am SO glad to hear that! 🙂 Prayer works, and we are certainly keeping you lifted up!

  2. It is scary to see the way the world is turning..it hits me the system calls right wrong and wrong right..and this is the Luciferian plan to corrupt God’s value system. We hope to see this revival very soon..and I say repentance revival..praise God for this share, working on that book for that..!!! Hallelujah.

    1. Author

      Amen! It IS scary! Scary that people would rather cry “I’M OFFENDED!” rather than “I’M CONVICTED!” They have no idea there is LIFE in the BLOOD of Jesus <3!! I can't wait for your book <3!

      1. I know!! They have no idea…by the way, wrote a review for Believe from my husband’s Amazon account..I will have to make my own account one of these days..

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